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  • Cat Girl Cat Girl

    This cute cat girl is getting ready to take part in a big party in the cat country castle . Last time she ran into a cute boy who danced with her in the party . Today the boy will attend the party too , and she want to dance with him , So the Cat Girl decide to dress up in a fabulous outfit . Now sh

  • Fantasy Land Of Elves Fantasy Land Of Elves

    There are many elves in the fantasy land ,who have magical power to help the queen rule the country .So they are helpful and busy every day . They do not have time to dress up carefully everyday . So they invite some girls in the earth to help them dress up and take part in their big party . Do you

  • The India Princess The India Princess

    In this dress up games for girls , you will meet an India Princess Mira and you can help her dress up . I know , you girls are good at dressing up . So let鈥檚 help her , and you can share your work with your friends . Look , the India Princess Mira is preparing to dress up . She will attend a wo

  • The Rainbow Princess The Rainbow Princess

    As we all know ,rainbows are magical which are created by Rainbow Princess .But ,girls did you know the Rainbow Princess is a magical and fashionable girl ?She love fashion clothes and she has a magic wand which help her creat and change the colour of the rainbows .Now ,let鈥檚 meet Rainbow Prince

  • The China Princess The China Princess

    Today we have chance to meet a beautiful China princess ,and learn about Chinese nation's clothing culture .Then help dress up the China Princess .There are many customs in the country,so let鈥檚 learn together first . Look at the picture ,the China princess wears a princesses crown ,which is so

  • I Love Big Lollipop I Love Big Lollipop

    Olivia is a sweety girl . Her favourite food is lollipop .It smell very sweet , and it tasty enough .Different lollipops have different tastes, such as vanilla , double flavour , apple and strawberry . Olivia love vanilla best . This weekend , Olivia will go to park with her friends .She is very

  • Debby Princess Makeover Debby Princess Makeover

    Debby princess is not a fashion designer, but also a modeltrue trendsetter to whom stylists and editors look for direction.This summer she also design many styles of fashionable elements.Most girls are crazy about these iteams.Today she organize big fashion events.Let鈥檚 help her dress up.You w

  • Dora go to school Dora go to school

    Today is the frist day for Dora to Primary school.She want to give her new friends and teachers a good impression.So she gets up early in the morning to choose the most appropriate combination of clothes and accessories.I know you girls are good at school dress up.Let鈥檚 help her get dressed up u

New Games
  • Smelly feet surgery Smelly feet surgery

  • How to Makeup How to Makeup

    How to Makeup is a girl game where girls can easily get an idea how to do their own make up session to look gorgeous and glamorous. While playing this makeover game you need to do first a beautiful facial care which includes bleaching, then watering to clean it, a fruit facial mask, pimple removing

  • Talking Angela at the doctor Talking Angela at the doctor

    Talking Angela fell from her balcony and ended up in the emergency room. Now it is your job to help cure the injuries that she got. Use all the medical instruments to help Angela feel better. If you run out of ideas please use the tips that you get when you select a tool. Good Luck Doctor!

  • Puppy Spa Puppy Spa

    Welcome to the CDE Puppy Spa! Follow the steps to bathe the puppy, dry it off, clip it's nails, and give it an overall wonderful spa experience! When you're done, dress it up however you like for a day of puppy fun!

  • Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake

    It's a lovely cooking game and I am sure you will like it! This amazing game is called Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake and in this game you have to cook a delicious surprise cake in the shape of one of my favorite cartoon characters: Minnie Mouse! I am sure he is one of your favorite as well. This tasty

  • Escape Mystery Forest Escape Mystery Forest

    Escape from the Mystery Forest by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues.Finally, Escape from Mystery Forest. Good Luck!

  • Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker

    Popcorn maker is the perfect game for movie fans. You have to serve your customer different kinds of popcorn, brevage, candy and more. Make sure to make nough cash to go to the next level.

  • Pony Injury Care‏ Pony Injury Care‏

    Our cute pony needs to visit a doctor,he has some bad looking injuries.The doctort will help him recover and be healthy again.Take care of our little pony injuries.

  • Anna Realistic Wedding Cake Go Anna Realistic Wedding Cake Go

    Guys, do you remember Anna from Frozen. Today is Elsa's wedding day. So Anna decides to decorate a wedding cake for her sister with fondant, frosting, candle, flower, glitter. Now, let's join her in the kitchen and help her a hand.

  • Frozen Elsa Dress up Frozen Elsa Dress up

    Elsa is getting ready for the royal ball. She wants to wear the perfect princess outfit and for that she needs your expert fashion stylist advice. Help Elsa find the perfect princess outfit and turn her into the princess of the day. Have a great time playing Frozen Elsa dress up game!

  • Strawberry Kiwi Double Decker Smoothie Strawberry Kiwi Double Decker Smoothie

    Your quest of yummy double Decker smoothies ends here.To cool this summer, Selena has found a new recipe. She has planned to surprise her parents by preparing a wonderful Kiwi and Strawberry Double Decker smoothie. You can join with her and explore its preparing methods. Chill-out this summer with

  • Pou Shoot Monster Pou Shoot Monster

    Pou came to a strange planet for adventure. There are many strange monst, let's help Pou kill all monsters with his laser gun.

  • Baby Daisy Newborn Baby Baby Daisy Newborn Baby

    Baby Daisy Newborn Baby is a brand new game with baby Daisy. Here in this new game Daisy is going to become a sister. But first, she must get ready. Your job is to assist baby Daisy and her friends Nyla and Jose while they make arrangements for the new born baby. You have to help them to take care

  • Thumbelina Dressup Thumbelina Dressup

    Thumbelina is a little flower fairy looking for her one true love. Dress her up in lovely fairy fashion so she can meet her flower fairy prince!

  • Luiz at the dentist Luiz at the dentist

    Luiz has problems with saliva, that's a fact that everyone knows, but lately he has some issues with some toothaches. So you need to be a good friend and help him in this matter. Bring back your old friends smile, and make sure you don't miss any cavities. Enjoy!

  • Realistic Frozen Room Realistic Frozen Room

    Every girl loves frozen princesses Elsa and Anna. Frozen related games are very popular nowadays. So we have a frozen related decorating game for you. You are going to decorate a realistic frozen style bedroom for Queen Elsa. Have fun!

  • Talking Tom Gardener Talking Tom Gardener

    Talking Tom is a great gardener, but it seems that he got in trouble. He thought that he can take care of his garden by himself, but things went wrong this way. The garden is too large for one man, so he is asking you to help him with that. If you won't help him, his work will be in vain and he will

  • Dora Beauty Makeover Dora Beauty Makeover

    Dora is always ready for the prom girl and her preoccupation at the moment, all styled for her prom. She knows that she needs to get the perfect complexion for her face to go through the steps of a complete face care session, but she would need your helping hand with all the scrubs, cleansers an

  • Zoe's Hairstyles Zoe's Hairstyles

    Zoe鈥檚 annual day function at school. She is going to participate in a drama and wants to give a new look for her hair. Help Zoe baby to give herself the best hair cut so that she can look gorgeous and beautiful in the drama. Have fun!

  • Princess Anna Gorgeous Makeover Princess Anna Gorgeous Makeover

    Princess Anna feels that though she is fearless and daring but she is not equal to her sister Elsa in terms of looks. Anna wants to look gorgeous like her sister and hence, she seeks your help in making her a beautiful princess whom everyone would admire. In this spa makeover game, you are expected

  • Violetta Dentist Violetta Dentist

    Beautiful Violetta has serious problems with her teeth. You remember her perfect and beautiful smile ? Now it is gone and she needs a really good dentist to give her back the perfect smile. Can you handle this tough job ? Use the tools in the tray to whiten her teeth , remove cavities or even replac

  • Squeeze Elsa Pimples Squeeze Elsa Pimples

    Pimples are trouble of every young girl, including beautiful Elsa. In this game, you will cure Elsa's pimples step by step, and finaly you can help her recover her pretty face! Have fun!

  • Pou Cool Makeover Pou Cool Makeover

    Though Pou is an alien, he is quite taken up by the way human look and dress up. Therefore, he is going to give it shot and get a cool look just like you. But no one is helping Pou get that makeover he needs badly. Perhaps you can come to his help and give him a stylish look with a makeover. First,

  • Shirley Summer Spa Shirley Summer Spa

    It鈥檚 summer and with all this heat we need a place to relax complete! We highly recommend a summer spa, here is the perfect place for you and your friends to relax and cool up. A nice massage with scrub, chocolate and exotic lotions is waiting for you. Also this spa program contains a deep skin

  • Zoo Doctor Zoo Doctor

    Today's a busy day! We have three animals in critical health. Help us cure them by giving them the right tools and medicines!

Top Games
  • Princess Dora Royal Makeover Princess Dora Royal Makeover

    Dora is to be crowned as a princess in her kingdom. Before she is crowned, she needs a royal treatment for making her look as a real princess with all the elegance and grandeur. Dora wants to hire you as her personal assistant for getting her ready for the coronation. Therefore, spoil Dora with faci

  • Elsa Frozen Haircuts‏ Elsa Frozen Haircuts‏

    Hello ladies! I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore Frozen, and anything related to it. This is precisely why we have decided to bring you another fabulous Frozen-inspired game. This fun game is called Elsa Frozen Haircuts, and it will give you the opportunity to get to know beautiful Elsa

  • Baby Elsa Great Manicure‏ Baby Elsa Great Manicure‏

    Baby Elsa needs help with her nails in this Elsa great manicure game as she will be wearing the colors and ornaments you give her for the next big event she will be attending.

  • Ice Pop Maker Multi Color Ice Pop Maker Multi Color

    Summer is coming and it's time to prepare delicious ice pop. Multi color are always the best so try to make them to have a fresh summer.

  • Frozen Beauty Secrets Frozen Beauty Secrets

    Your favorite characters from Frozen are back with a brand new adventure, in our exciting game called Frozen Beauty Secrets! Anna has decided to spend some time pampering herself, so today you are going to join her at the Frozen salon, where you will be applying all sorts of beauty products that wil

  • Elsa With Anna Dressup Elsa With Anna Dressup

    The pretty snow Princess Elsa and her sister Anna need best perfect clothes to wear today. After long years they met each other today, so this is the most exciting moment for those. Choose best Princess dresses, accessories and more to make them happy. Also you can choose your favorite pleasant back

  • Baby Injecting Baby Injecting

    Use your mouse to play this game, remember give an injection to patient according to the position of fingerprint ! Instructions:Use your mouse to play. Play Baby Injecting at Baby Games!Baby Injecting is a very fun game!

  • Zoe at Leg Spa Zoe at Leg Spa

    zoe hurt herself while playing and had cuts and bruises on her legs and goes to the spa for treatment. you should clean her legs, apply creams and make her legs look normal again. after giving treatment to her legs, select a suitable outfit for her. enjoy!!

  • Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle

    Idun, the queen of Arendelle, and her little daughter Princess Elsa both need beautiful royal hairstyles. But Elsa is a very shy and timid baby because of her unusual magical gift, so she might be afraid of your hairstyling instruments. Give her toys to distract her while styling up her white hair.

  • Elsa Ear Doctor Elsa Ear Doctor

    Elsa will be needing your help in this Frozen Doctor game because her ear seems to hurt her a bit and she wants it checked out. You will need to follow the instructions to see what needs to be done.

  • Pou Great  Makeover Pou Great Makeover

    Pou is in the need of a new look in this Pou great makeover game and you two will surely have a great time trying out outfits and also some hair changes and style changes will be welcomed.

  • Rose wedding cake 2 Rose wedding cake 2

    Decor this beautiful rose wedding cake for your beautiful bride.

  • House Clean Up Game House Clean Up Game

    Mom told me that she is away from the house and I must clean up all the room before she come back.Oh,that is big problem for me because we have many room.I do not know what to do.Can you help me?

  • Spend My Dubai Holiday Spend My Dubai Holiday

    Daisy and her family have spent a lot of money on this year's holiday! They chose to visit the beautiful country of Dubai and I have to say it was worth every single cent! The beauty of the place is so breathtakingly stunning, that Daisy wants to spend every waking minute taking pictures of the plac

  • Pou Washing Clothes Pou Washing Clothes

    Pou is a good boy now and he wants to help out his mother with the household chores, but he needs your help to do that. Help him wash his dirty laundry, sort them out, add detergent and make them fresh and clean. In the first step, you need to help him separate those colorful clothes with white clot

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