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  • Princess Makeover Salon Princess Makeover Salon

    Girls , Here is a new fashion princess makeover games for you .You will have a new makeover experience in this "Princess makeover salon"games. There are lots of dresses and some new makeup skills in the games.Look at the princess in the games ,she very fashion and beautiful.She likes making up by he

  • Cute Baby Picnic Cute Baby Picnic

    As autumn approached,the plants and colours in the nature changed. The nature become very colourful. Kate very likes this season. She usually have a picnic with her friends in the nature park every autumn. But now she is a mother and she want to go there with her baby. Kate is very happy,but it’s

  • Doc Mcstuffins Fantasy Hairstyle Doc Mcstuffins Fantasy Hairstyle

    Running toy shop not just sell toys ,but also need to help the customers repair the broken toys . So I’m not only a shopkeeper but also a toys Doc .I’m the only Doc for toys in this zone , so I’m always busy in repairing different toys . I even have no time to have a good rest or beauty treatm

  • Cute Baby Cold Doctor Cute Baby Cold Doctor

    Cool autumn weather is very comfortable ,and it's very fit for any outdoor activity .Shelly often takes her cute baby go to park or children's playground .And the baby always feeling very happy there. Today ,a new children's park open to the public,so Shelly drive her family to there.Now the cute b

  • Doctor Frozen Elsa Hand Doctor Frozen Elsa Hand

    Each coin has two sides, and to have magic power is no exception. The Elsa princess's magic not only can cover the whole world with silver snow, bring people happiness and win people's respect, but it can also create disasters to the world, turn Elsa princess into a frightening figure and call on pe

  • Frozen Anna give birth a baby Frozen Anna give birth a baby

    Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring .All of the people are very happy and they are looking forward to baby coming to the world .Now ten months had elapsed ,It’s time to give birth to a baby .Anna needs a very experienced obstetrician gynecologist to help her deliver her baby .I kno

  • Peppa Pig Ambulance Peppa Pig Ambulance

    Help Peppa Pig to recover after a bad accident. Follow the steps and use the tools to make her recover. Use the ice to heal her bruised eye, remove the splinter using the pliers and clean the blood. Apply a bandage on the wound and give Peppa a pill for the pain. She will feel better thanks to you.

  • Sofia Shopping Sofia Shopping

    Princess Sofia wants to keep the pace with the latest trends in fashion, so she decided to have a relaxing day shopping. Sofia can choose from lots of dresses, cool shoes, jewelry and trendy accessories. Go ahead girls and relax with Sofia in the castle shop .

New Games
  • Wedding Salon Fashion Bride Wedding Salon Fashion Bride

    It‘ a big day today for this beautiful girl who came to your beauty salon! She is going to marry the love of her life, she is going to be a bride. And she wants to be the most beautiful bride in the world, of course. That’ why she came to you, cause she heard you are a real beauty artist who can

  • Baby Juliet Fishing Day Baby Juliet Fishing Day

    Today Juliet wants to go fishing. She has a great plan but she needs someone to help her. Follow the instructions and help Juliet get ready for her fishing trip. After you packed her gear and supplies, you need to dress Juliet in her favorite clothes. Once you arrived at the pond, Help Juliet catch

  • Peppa Pig cleaning day Peppa Pig cleaning day

    Peppa family needs your help.Because is very important tot have thebathroom clean, in this new game your mission is to clean the bathroom.Inbeginning you need to cleaning the bath, because is very dirty.Here you must apply the special shampoo for misery.After that, with thebrush you must remove the

  • Pou Girl Birthday Party Pou Girl Birthday Party

    It is a big day for our beloved friend Pou Girl - today is her birthday and she has invited all of her friends over for a great party. Many things must be done before her guests appear, so let us join Pou Girl and help her prepare the best party ever. We need to decorate the living room in her speci

  • CA Cupid Facial Make up CA Cupid Facial Make up

    C.A. Cupid's full name is Chariclo Arganthone Cupid. She is a character from both Monster high and Ever after High series. As a supporter of love, Cupid does everything within her power to bring people together. Play our game and gieve a facial makeover to CA Cupid. You can dress up her too. Have fu

  • Messy Pou Messy Pou

    Pou is an adventurer, but after the last play in the wood pou torn out to be very messy, with branches on the head,his body it's gritty and has very dusty clothes.The real adventure begins when you decided to help Pou! Help Pou to be clean and you win points, try to collect as many as possible and P

  • Zoe's Thanksgiving Supper Zoe's Thanksgiving Supper

    Zoe has invited her friends to the Thanksgiving party in the evening. She decides to cook corn cookies and pumpkin pie, which tastes delicious. Help Zoe to prepare tasty supper for her friends

  • Princess Cinderella Bathroom Cleaning Princess Cinderella Bathroom Cleaning

    Princess Cinderella is taking a bath in her tub for going to the ball. Cinderella is in a hurry, so she will not be able to clean up the bathroom after the bath but she doesn't want her bathroom to be a huge mess. Therefore, she wants to entrust to you the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom. Fi

  • Sofia Squeeze Pimples Sofia Squeeze Pimples

    It has all kinds of important stuff royal do. The princess is getting ready for a very busy day. Help her to look the part in this cool makeover game. Please clean all pimples.

  • Crunchy kitchen Crunchy kitchen

    Today would you like to try a new recipe at your kitchen by playing crunchy kitchen game? By playing this cooking game online you can easily learn how to cook crunchy chicken and crunchy pizza at your own home and then serve them with your friends and family. Firstly you have to cook crunchy chicken

  • Mommy and Me Making Pie Mommy and Me Making Pie

    Alice loves pie! Today she and her mommy wants to make one special pie for Daddy. Help them cook and bake this yummy Tobely Banana Pie, and decorate it with a lot of decorations and drinks!

  • Cooking Chicken Sandwich Cooking Chicken Sandwich

    Today you have to cook a chicken sandwich.A simple recipe, but very tasty at the same time.First you need to spice up chicken pieces, then put them on the grill and when ready cut them into small pieces.In a pan on low heat, add butter and onion and fry chicken with them.Add mixture into a bread rol

  • Story of Fairy Place Story of Fairy Place

    Every little girl wants to hear about a fairy place in which all of her thoughts can become reality. Today is your turn to help this beautiful girl to choose the right outfit. Have fun together and try as many outfits as you want! Instructions: Use your mouse's left click button to control all of t

  • Fried Veg Chicken Salad Fried Veg Chicken Salad

    Today we cook a delicious chicken salad with some seasonal vegetables. First, you have to cut the onion into small pieces, and then cut the pumpkin, cucumber alike, and cut the red pepper into rings, and clean the seeds from them. Again cut the pepper into small cubes. After I finished cutting the v

  • Pet hospital doctor Pet hospital doctor

    Your best pet have injuries and you need to bring him to the hospital. Make sure to find the best doctor for him. Take care!

  • Elsa Foot Doctor‏ Elsa Foot Doctor‏

    Help your patient in this Elsa foot doctor game because she is in pretty bad shape. Try to treat her foot as fast as you can because she is quite in a bit of pain and discomfort.

  • Turkey Shave Time Turkey Shave Time

    It’s time to do shave for turkey, are you ready? Use scissors to remove hair from the body, hit the spray to kill insects, trim and remove the remaining hair. Finally, select the nice costume for turkey.

  • Peppa Pig Clean Room Peppa Pig Clean Room

    Let's help Peppa Pig clean the living room,kitchen and bedroom. Your task is to classify garbage and put them into garbage can. Then you have to put the decoration back to their location before. Let's make the room clean and beautiful!

  • Angela Baby Birth Angela Baby Birth

    Finally our dear Angela is going to give birth. Everyone is looking forward to see her little sweety kitty. Let's get help Angela in packing things for the hospital, bearing a daughter and taking care of her.

  • Mcstuffins Nose Doctor Mcstuffins Nose Doctor

    Girls this time we have a very difficult problem with McStuffins. After sleeping in the garden now he suffers from very serious infection in his nose. Now he has come to you to exterminate all those ugly bacterias. Grab your tools and start fixing up his cute nose. Turn into s super nose doctor toda

  • Talking Tom Hair Salon‏ Talking Tom Hair Salon‏

    This is a fantastic Talking Tom hair salon game in which you will be in charge of the special guest. Deliver one of the best hairstyles you can create and he will surely be pleased with the final results.

  • Fashionista Daring Diva Fashionista Daring Diva

    Hello Little Divas! I know everyone simply adores dressing up and looking absolutely fabulous, and that is precisely why we have decided to prepare for you a really amazing and new makeover game called Fashionista Daring Diva. Your main assignment in this fun game will be to help this gorgeous lady

  • Monster High Cute Brides Monster High Cute Brides

    Each girl likes to imagine herself in a sparkling wedding gown and a veil. So do Monster High girls, but their monster tastes in wedding fashion are a very much different from what common brides prefer. Find out what Cleo, Clawdeen, Lagoona and other ghouls would like to look like on their wedding d

  • Witch to Beauty Manicure Witch to Beauty Manicure

    As you know witches have long nails and they need maniure everyday. Today this cute witch wants your help to take care of her nails. First give a spa session to her nails and hands. Then make a nice manicure to her nails.

  • Little tailor Little tailor

    Your mission in this new and amazing game is to sew clothes with the sewing machine. First you have to choose the color of the material and after that you must draw the lines with the chalk and then with the scissors cut the material to obtain the thing you need.

Top Games
  • Talking Tom Jump Adventure Talking Tom Jump Adventure

    Talking Tom has a great adventure. Talking Tom must jump on the platforms and try to get the top score high. He must be careful not to fall or he will die and then you must start again. Enjoy Talking Tom Jump Adventure and have fun.

  • Sofia Party Cleanup Sofia Party Cleanup

    Oh no! Looks like Cedric makes Sofia another trouble. There's such a mess all over the castle, and the royal party is going to start very soon. Hurry up to clean up all the three rooms before the guests arrive!

  • Messy Barbie Messy Barbie

    Something must have happened to Barbie because she does not look very good. She is dirty, has mud spots on her dress and her hair is full of branches. You have to help her get clean. Use the shower and the hygiene tools in the right order to clean Barbie and her clothes. Make sure she has no spots o

  • Pony Spa Day Pony Spa Day

    This cute little girl will be happy forever if she gets a new pony for Christmas this year. Has always request transportation on all fours, but she did not want to have any gray mare, who want to find a strong and healthy horse can send an afternoon adventure Emergency!

  • Anna Frozen Makeover Anna Frozen Makeover

    Anna Frozen experiencing skin problems and needs a good specialist for her to regain her beauty. Use special treatments with creams and then rinse thoroughly with water. Help her to get rid of pimples on her face so she would finally regain her beauty.Enjoy this game!

  • Halloween Pet Care Halloween Pet Care

    A pet was injured by a car on the way to the Halloween party. He wants to attend the party, but doesn't have anyone to care him so could you please help him? Finally select a nice costume for the Halloween party.

  • Spongebob And Patrick Adventure Spongebob And Patrick Adventure

    Help Spongebob And Patrick to collect all their food. The Spongebob collects Crab package and Patrick collects Fried Coral. Afte collecting all their food, you need to help them to arrive in the corresponding pipe outlet to escape.

  • Barbie Shopping Barbie Shopping

    Hey there, you young shopaholics! The new collections are on stock and it’s time to do some quality shopping with Barbie. Join Barbie on her stroll through the mall. Walk from shop to shop and pick some pretty clothes, fashionable shoes, sparkling jewelry and stylish accessories.

  • iCarly Dentist iCarly Dentist

    iCarly has not been taking good care of her teeth. She need you to be a dentist today.

  • Minnie Mouse Ear Doctor Minnie Mouse Ear Doctor

    Minnie Mouse is at Ear Doctor and you have to help her with her problems. This needs medical help she have an ear infection. The goal is to help Minnie get well, without any ear problems. It's not as easy as it sounds because you have to work very hard and give evidence of much skill and insight. In

  • Baby Juliet At The Dentist Baby Juliet At The Dentist

    Have you met baby Juliet? Well, she's the sweetest baby in the world, but right now she is in a lot of pain. She has her teeth decayed and she has to see a dentist immediately, because this issue might get worst, so would you like to be there for her? She needs a friend right now and she's asking yo

  • Barbie Foot Doctor Barbie Foot Doctor

    In this game Barbie had an accident that will be needing a foot surgery. Your goal is to help Barbie take a step closer to safety and recovery. Use your tools to examine, clean, heal and make her leg look pretty again. Now you can prove that you're a good doctor for our friend, Barbie! Good luck!

  • Princess Sofia Makeover Princess Sofia Makeover

    Princess Sophia the First is set to look like a real princess, help to make real change an image to show its beauty! Just see what fits you best and Sofia is ready to learn to behave like royalty all the princesses legendary.

  • Elsa Eye Care Elsa Eye Care

    Elsa feel vision blurred, she came to the hospital, so she need a good doctor for eyes problems. Today you get the chance to make your dream ofbecoming an eye doctor come true and run several important tests on ourfriend, Elsa.Start the examination with several important tests such asshort and dist

  • SOFIA The First Foot Doctor SOFIA The First Foot Doctor

    Sofia The First has her leg broken after the carriage was overturned by thieves. Soldiers of King brought her to the castle to be treated by Dr. Royal. In those days, medicine was not so advanced and the infection can kill and Sofia needs your help and your experience in treating infections. Make So

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