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  • Beauty Hairstyle Salon Beauty Hairstyle Salon

    Being a beauty can be pretty hard work! You always have to be always perfect, perfect outfit, perfect make up, perfect behaviour and perfect hair! Sometimes it can all get a little to much. So today girls you're going to take the strain off this beautiful girl by doing her lovely hair and giving her

  • Fashion Shooter Fashion Shooter

    n most girls' mind, girls are always beautiful and cute. However, today in our brand new girl dress up game, you will have the opportunity to meet one fashion shooter girl. She is not only beautiful but also very cool. She can use guns and other martial tools to fight. It is really an amazing thing

  • Beautiful Ballet Girl Beautiful Ballet Girl

    This is the ballet, yes, ballet dancers are how beautiful and they are confident dance on the stage, that like a beautiful fairy. Look at this cute little girl, she is a ballet fan. Let's help her realize her desire, first help her with a beautiful dress, wow,you will find that she really danced

  • Beautiful Flower Fairy Beautiful Flower Fairy

    Spring is coming girls. Everything looks perfect. You will have the opportunity to see lots of beautiful flowers. Today in our brand new dress up girl game, you will meet this gorgeous flower fairy and help her pick the perfect outfit for an important ball. Take a look at her wardrobe and pick the c

  • Beauty Parlour Beauty Parlour

    Lots of girls like going to beauty parlour in their spare time. It is one way to relax for them. If you girls are also a beauty lover, come to our brand new makeover and hair game. Here you can fully enjoy the pleasure of beauty and make yourself as a fashion lady. In our beauty parlour we will firs

  • Put on My Bird Costume Put on My Bird Costume

    For a little girl putting on different kinds of costumes is very funny. Today she wants to have a try of bird costume because she wants to fly like the birds in the sky. Come to help this girl realize her dream. What a cute girl she will be! You can play with her by choosing the funniest bird costum

  • Stylish Dress Stylish Dress

    This beautiful lady is a famous dress designer and she wants you to join her on her quest for the perfect stylish dress outfit. She is about to have a Summer fitting session trying on gorgeous princess tops, over tops, skirts, shoes, jewels and hairstyles. Turn her into a glamorous lady, dressing he

  • Dancing Spring Girl Dancing Spring Girl

    Spring is coming. Lots of girls like to go to play outside because the sun is great and the weather is fine. It is also a good season for girls to dress up beautiful. The girl in our brand new dress up game is also a fashion lover. She wants to dance in such good Spring. So put your fashion skills t

New Games
  • Barbie Masquerade Princess Dress up Barbie Masquerade Princess Dress up

    Our beautiful Barbie is going to take part in a famous masquerade party tonight. She needs your help to dress her up with the most beautiful clothes. Design a gorgeous fairytale or ultra modern masquerade princess dress and select the most beautiful footwear and accessories to go with it. Transform

  • Easter Egg Laundry Easter Egg Laundry

    Easter Day is coming. Wendy is very happy about the coming holiday. She is now busy preparing painting Easter eggs. Oh,no. Wendy has spilled paint all over her clothes. All of her clothes are dirty now. Come to this brand new girl game called Easter Egg Laundry to help her wash those clothes. You ne

  • Briar Beauty Hair and Facial Briar Beauty Hair and Facial

    Hello girls. Today in our brand new hair and facial game, we will introduce you one brand new character called Briar. She is also the member of Ever After High School. She is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Play our facial make up game and give her a nice facial care. You can make up and dress up B

  • Babysitter in Love Babysitter in Love

    Sasha is a beautiful girl whose job is a babysitter. She works hard every day and her babysitter business is prosperous enough to bring her money for her girly needs. But what about her private life? Help Sasha to fulfill the needs of all the babies and to flirt with her boyfriend in the meantime. A

  • Girly Horse Pet Care Girly Horse Pet Care

    Emma is a very cute and lovely girl who has a girly horse pet. Today she wants to ride her horse to play outside. However, her horse pet is a little dirty now. Would you please be so kind to help her clean and care her pet? I know you girls have rich experience of taking care of pets. So just feel f

  • Zoe Nail Salon Zoe Nail Salon

    Zoe is fashion lover. Today she wants to design a beautiful nail manicure for herself. So she comes to your nail salon to experience. Makeover now!! Make your own manicure designs. Choose from loads of polish color, select sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, stickers, patte

  • Dora Room Slacking Dora Room Slacking

    Today is Saturday. Dora needs to do homework at home today. But Dora feels some boring today and she decided to spend few minutes for her relax. Her favorite hobbies are displaying on the screen, help Dora to complete each and every interesting tasks within time. Also keep your eyes on her father wh

  • Graceful Pony Coloring Graceful Pony Coloring

    Hi girls. Come to our brand new painting game called Graceful Pony Coloring to have a relax. You will have the opportunity to meet some very cute ponies. These lovable ponies are enjoying themselves by cuddling and playing with one another. Add poise to their graceful looks by splashing the cutest c

  • Playground Egg Hunt Playground Egg Hunt

    Megan is very happy to celebrate Easter Day today. However, she has a task to find all the hidden eggs on the playground. It is not an easy task for her. Help Megan find all 20 eggs on the playground. Some eggs are easy to spot, but some are hidden. Poke around the screen to discover where they are.

  • Easter Bunny Dress up Easter Bunny Dress up

    Easter is almost here and the Easter Bunny is getting ready to hide some eggs for the big Easter Egg Hunt! Dress him up in fabulous Easter fashion so he can celebrate in style! Choose the best outfit for him that you think is perfect. You can also choose some colorful accessories for him to make her

  • Dora Real Makeover Dora Real Makeover

    Dora is a fashion lover who cares much about her facial beauty. Today we have prepared one makeover game called Dora Real Makeover. You need to help her to give her a complete facial treatment. You can make facial makeover to Dora. After facial makeover you will make up Dora with nice make up tools

  • Lois Lowe in Love Lois Lowe in Love

    Our beautiful girl Lois Lowe has fallen in love with a handsome boy. They have same interest of music and today they have a wonderful date. Lois Lowe wants to leave a good impression on the boy. So she decides to make up and dress up with her most beautiful clothes. Come to this brand new girl game

  • Barbie Party Preparation Barbie Party Preparation

    Barbie is waiting for you in preparation for the party. She has prepared various kinds of delicious meals prepared cuisine. But she forgot to select the party clothes. Take a look at the fashion collection of Barbie clothes colorful outfits from each other. Barbie has limited time left for you to he

  • Baby Seven Animal Seesaw Baby Seven Animal Seesaw

    Baby Seven is very happy today because she can have the opportunity to go to the zoo to see animals. Through the seesaw or animal which is heavier, judgment. Each time is not the same, wrong answers are not penalized, to score in a specified period of time will be able to score the border. Come on

  • Hana Montana Hairdresser Hana Montana Hairdresser

    Hanna Montana is a famous and famous actress. Today she wants to change her hairstyle to a brand new one to celebrate the coming Easter Day. The lady is at your beauty parlor. Wash the hair gently and then apply shampoo then again rinse the hair thoroughly with water. Now wipe the hair using the tow

  • Barbie's Brownies Barbie's Brownies

    Our beautiful Barbie is a lover of Brownies. She likes sweety food very much. It would be especially great when enjoy it in a nice restaurant. Our cute Barbie can even cook it totally by herself. Now she has cooked one on the dinner table. Are you willing to help her decorate the cake more beautiful

  • Decorative High Heels Decorative High Heels

    Most girls love high heels very much. They think high heels can represent the trend of fashion. Today in our brand new decoration game called Decorative High Heeled. We have prepared you different kinds of high heeled shoes. You can feel free to choose one that you like best and then decorate it by

  • Beauty Facial Makeover Beauty Facial Makeover

    Lily is going to have a girl only party tonight. She is very happy and wants to make up and dress up with her most beautiful clothes. Then she can be the most shinning girl on the party. Come to our brand new girl makeover game called Beauty Facial Makeover to be her fashion assistant to style her u

  • Dora Easter Dora Easter

    Today is Easter Day and Dora is very excited because she has expected this day for a long time. She is ready to collect egg. Let's help her a hand and enjoy yourself with this wonderful Dora game. Dora collect many eggs and now she just need the nice dress,will you help Dora for the beautiful dress?

  • Designer Runway Secrets Designer Runway Secrets

    Meet Jenny, a beautiful girl who is auditioning for an important runway show and where all the most popular designers will be presenting their creations. Your job is to help Jenny dress up and discover the secrets to a wonderful style. You have 4 styles: punk, hipster, retro and couture and I am sur

  • Baby Easter Bunny Baby Easter Bunny

    Easter Day is approaching. Our cute Baby Emma is very happy for the coming Easter Day holiday because she can dress up with beautiful and cute Easter bunny. Come to this brand new baby game called Baby Easter Bunny. You need to take care of her and give her a bath in the first step. Try your best to

  • Amelda Doll Dress up Amelda Doll Dress up

    Amelda is a beautiful and cute doll. Today she needs to attend a wonderful fashion show in the center of the city. She is very happy and wants to have a good performance on the stage. Are you willing to be her fashion assistant and give her some fashion suggestions? I know you girls have rich experi

  • Talking Tom Firetruck Washing Talking Tom Firetruck Washing

    Hello, I am very dirty. No one will like me if I am like this. Only you can make me beautiful. Clean all the dirty things on me and give me wonderful shinning look. You can use the cleaning things which is around me. Follow the instructions given in the game and make me look stunning. In this beauti

  • Puzzle Room Decor Puzzle Room Decor

    Hello every girl. Come to our brand new room decoration game called Puzzle Room Decor. Today in this fun game, you will have the opportunity to design and decorate one warm and beautiful room to the one that you think is the best. Whether you design a creepy fabulous room for Draculaura, a sweet pin

  • Pou Puzzle Jelly World Pou Puzzle Jelly World

    Little and cute Pou has just become one jelly who is very soft now. Now it can move like a jelly where it can turn into any shade. Come to this funny Pou Puzzle Jelly World to help Pou reach the platform successfully without falling down. You need to think carefully whether he can come to another bl

Top Games
  • Golden Santa Bread Golden Santa Bread

    Christmas is coming. Every family are preparing for this most important holiday of the year. Most people will cook celebration bread to have a good Christmas day. Now, today in our new cooking game, we will teach you brand new golden Santa bread. The shape of the bread is lovely Santa Clause with th

  • Ready for New Year Party Ready for New Year Party

    New Year has come. Happy New Year everyone. Tonight there will be a gorgeous party held to celebrate the coming of 2014. Our beautiful lady in the game will take part in the party to have fun, but until now she is not ready for the preparation of the New Year party. Would you please help her to be r

  • Polly Pocket at Dentist Polly Pocket at Dentist

    Hi girl. Welcome to another great dentist game with our adorable Polly Pocket. She is feeling a pain in her teeth and needs to go to the dentist as soon as possible. After many searches she came to you because she needs your help as a dentist. Use all dentist tools and help Polly Pocket smile again

  • Ever After High Memory Cards Ever After High Memory Cards

    Lots of girls love Ever After High series of girl games. How about you? Do you love Ever After High? Today we have prepared a very funny memory cards game for you. You can show us your memory skills by finding the exact pair from the cards on the table. Find perfect matching pairs of cards by simply

  • Monster High Catrine DeMew Dress up Monster High Catrine DeMew Dress up

    Tonight there will be an excellent Monster High party and Monster High Catrine DeMew needs to have a flawless look, and here is your chance to dress up her. She wants to have a nice stylist to help her and you girls will be the best one. Take a look at her wardrobe for the endless fashion collection

  • Flappy Little Pony Flappy Little Pony

    Flappy pony is a very cute and lovely pet. He can fly as high as he can. Now he needs to finish the task in the game. Are you willing to help her? Come to our brand new skill games and help little pony to finish the task. You can use mouse or space key on the key board to control the flying of the l

  • Barbie Casual Clothing Barbie Casual Clothing

    Barbie is beautiful all the time. Even in her spare time, she also wear fashion trend and like dressing up with casual clothing. Now, she wants to go shopping with her friends, come to be her fashion assistant and help her choose one set of casual clothes. Start from making a brand new chic hairstyl

  • Easter Cupcakes Chef Easter Cupcakes Chef

    Hi girls. The Easter is coming and it will definitely delight your family, so I suggest you to play this game to learn the cooking recipe. You won't regret it and you will be surprised when you'll see how easy it prepares. Get ready to prepare all the necessary ingredients like sugar, milk, water, f

  • Heal Minion Girl Heal Minion Girl

    Hi girls. Come to our brand new fun game. Today you will have the opportunity to meet cute Minion girl. She is beautiful and naughty. Today when she is riding her beloved bike, she knocked the fence and hurt herself seriously. So she needs to see doctor and deal with her wounds as soon as possible.

  • Taking Bath for Your Cat Taking Bath for Your Cat

    Emma loves small animals very much and she has a very cute cat. However, her cat is very naughty and today when she little cat comes home, Emma finds that she is injury and become very dirty. Emma needs to take care of the cat and give a bath to it. Come to help Emma finish the task. We have to pans

  • Barbie Romantic Princess Dress up Barbie Romantic Princess Dress up

    This Barbie is a beautiful and romantic girl. She loves fashion very much. Design lots of outfits mixing her gorgeous tops and bottoms. Find the right shoes, jewels, stockings, bag, hairstyle, hat or hair band to go with each dress. Dress up Barbie with style in dazzling romantic princess attires. I

  • Frozen Party Clean up Frozen Party Clean up

    Our beautiful frozen queen Elsa had a great party at her castle tonight. She is very happy and excited with her friends. They sing and play together. However, after the party the room is in a great mass. There was a huge party in the royal palace as well, and of course after a huge party a huge mess

  • Elsa Clean Room Elsa Clean Room

    Elsa is a beautiful who lives in one gorgeous castle. She loves clean and neat very much and every week in the weekend she goes to clean the corridor, the room and so on. It is such a large amount of work for her to do totally by herself. Let's help Princess Elsa to clean all the dirty rooms. Please

  • Shoes Designer:Winter Boots Shoes Designer:Winter Boots

    With the coming of winter, most girls will choose boots to protect their legs from cold weather. There are lots of different kinds of winter boots. Long boots, short boots, leather boots and other warm boots. If you girls are also winter boots lovers, come to our brand new decoration game. You will

  • First Aid Electric Shock First Aid Electric Shock

    When the little boy is watching TV with his mother happily, he did not care that he touched the electric line of the kettle and the water spilled out. He was shocked by the electricity. His mother is afraid and calls 911 at once. At this time, she needs to move the source away from the kid by using

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