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  • Mom newborn baby in hospital Mom newborn baby in hospital

    Girls,today there is a new games for you,but it’s also a hard task for you. It’s a very complicated operation for a woman with high blood pressure who will give birth to a baby.The doctors decide that it is best to induce labour. Doctors had prepared the most advanced equipment and ask a some sk

  • Mermaid Ariel Give Birth To a Baby Mermaid Ariel Give Birth To a Baby

    The Mermaid Ariel will give birth to her first baby,and she need a very skilled doctor help her. Girls,did you ever help Mermaid give birth to the baby in the castle? Do you want to have a try? Mermaid Ariel is waiting for you. Come on! Games feature Look, Mermaid Ariel is lying on the bed and wa

  • Elsa Clean Up royal family Elsa Clean Up royal family

    Girls, do you like Elsa ? She is very busy,but she likes cleaning her royal family by herself. But today she is very busy today ,so she wants someone help her. Girls, can you help her?First,clean the living room . The rubbish is everywhere you should put them in the dustbin .Then sweep the floor and

  • Talking Angela And Tom Cat Babies Talking Angela And Tom Cat Babies

    Kitten is every child likes, now there are two very cute kittens, a brother and a sister, just choose a cute kitten begins .Take care of cute kitten eating breakfast,we prepared one fish and some apple, if it want to eat chili, it will be hot cry, we must make it happy. The last dress up beautiful

  • Elsa nursing baby twins Elsa nursing baby twins

    It gets very hot and stuffy in summer .Elsa is very worried about her twin babies. She insists on taking care of her babies by herself everyday. So the twin babies is very healthy and happy now. Let’s see what Elsa should do for the twin babies everyday?And you can help her. Come on! First,help t

  • Lady Gaga fantasy hairstyle Lady Gaga fantasy hairstyle

    Girls, Lady Gaga often goes to parties and dances when she is free. Today she will attend to a big party.Let’s help her design a fashionable hairstyle,then help her dress up. First,design the most popular different film-star hairstyle in the world. Cut the hair,then dry her hair.If the hair is ve

  • Pregnant Elsa Queen Spa Pregnant Elsa Queen Spa

    Girls?do you know Elsa was pregnant 8 months?But she is very busy every day. She has no time to make up by herself,so she wants invites some make-up artists help her every day. Girls,do you want to have a try? Elsa should take bath every day,so she have many different skin care products,you can us

  • Pregnant Elsa And Olaf Bubble Bath Pregnant Elsa And Olaf Bubble Bath

    Looks like Olaf loves cool baths. Elsa wanted to please Olaf so she use her master card to buy a special cooling bath tub. Let us hope that Olaf will not injure himself in the bath tub because he does not have a medical insurance and Elsa will have to pay for the treatment with her master card. Foll

New Games
  • Olaf Cooking Ice cream turtle Cake‏ Olaf Cooking Ice cream turtle Cake‏

    The snowman will be your helper in the kitchen in this Olaf cooking ice cream cake game and he will be sharing the finished product with you and your friends so get started right away.

  • Rapunzel Room Cleaning Rapunzel Room Cleaning

    Rapunzel had a party at home last night and this morning the guests left. Rapunzel's house is a real mess and she has to clean it up fast. It will take a while if she will do it all alone, so will you help her? Play this game and move quickly to get rid of garbage, remove dust and the spots from the

  • New Cinderella Ball Fashion New Cinderella Ball Fashion

    Cinderella is always the most beautiful and gorgeous princess at each ball. Today she and her charming prince want to visit another wonderful ball. Help Cinderella to choose what to wear and look beautiful as a goddess! If you open Cinderella‘s closet, you will see many different beautiful dresses

  • Skin Grafting Surgery Skin Grafting Surgery

    If you want to be a qualified surgeon in Aime Hospital,you must learn the diagnosing and treating methods about various kinds of diseases.This time you have to learn the diagnosing and treating methods about skin grafting surgery.Only if you get a level B in the practice mode,then you can become the

  • Anna Nose Problems‏ Anna Nose Problems‏

    Someone is eager for you to start this Anna nose doctor game as she really needs some medical attention. Who better to help her out than an experienced practitioner that loves fun nose problem games.

  • 50 Wedding Gowns for Barbie 50 Wedding Gowns for Barbie

    A fashionista like Barbie can’t be pleased with just one wedding gown! How about 50? Barbie asked 50 designers from all over the world to design elegant bridal gowns for her to wear on her big day. Would you like to have a look at this impressive collection? Which of those gorgeous gowns will Barb

  • Riley New Room Decor Riley New Room Decor

    Riley feels sad in the new house, so Joy* is decided to cheer her up decorating new room. Fear* is confident that the new room decoration will not help Riley, while Anger* blame others for Riley's problems. Help Joy decorate a happy room for Riley!

  • Disney Princess Graduation Party Disney Princess Graduation Party

    The graduation party for princesses is around the corner. It’s very important day for all princesses in all kingdoms. So, four BFF - Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Snow White - decided to compete and find out, who will become the next Prom Queen? But first of all every of them needs to get a total m

  • Pou Girl Hair Salon‏ Pou Girl Hair Salon‏

    Make some customers happy in this Pou girl hair game where she will surely be impressed by the work that you do. Cut and style the hair however you want and show people you have the talent.

  • Escape From Leisure Room Escape From Leisure Room

    This is another great escape game developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from this Leisure Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Leisure Ro

  • Elsa Makeup Artist Elsa Makeup Artist

    Elsa just opened a makeup studio and the clients are coming to get a beautiful makeup from Elsa. The client for today is Anna and she wants to get a new look from Elsa the makeup artist.

  • Elsa In Concert‏ Elsa In Concert‏

    Play this fun Elsa piano concert game with her as she needs someone to make her look great on stage and also help her with the keystrokes while she is playing the piano.

  • Dora Sunburn  New Dora Sunburn New

    Dora fall asleep when she is sanbathing and she got serious sunburn. As a doctor heal Dora's sunburns. Than dress up dora with cool dresses and accessories. Have fun!

  • Frankie Stein Room Cleaning Frankie Stein Room Cleaning

    You all know the interests of Frankie Stein. She is very good at sewing and cooking.Today is Saturday. She has been informed by the parents that her uncle and aunt would be at home after an hour. She has got another chance to prepare food on her own. On the other hand, she is very much excited about

  • Frozen Anna Leg Spa Frozen Anna Leg Spa

    Frozen Anna is going to a party tonight and she wants to flaunt her gorgeous legs by wearing short outfits. But there is a problem for wearing short dresses as her legs are hairy because Anna didn’t go to a spa salon for a long time. Now she needs a spa treatment for her legs to remove the unwante

  • Little Red Forest Adventures Little Red Forest Adventures

    Cute Little Red Riding Hood's hoping you could join her on her thrilling adventure through the woods, as she's planning to head to her granny's house today!

  • Talking Angela Police Officer Talking Angela Police Officer

    After she graduated the police academy, Angela became a police officer. Angela is a very stylish woman and her uniform will be the same. Help her choose the clothes and accessories that fit for an officer. Beware is a new sheriff in town!

  • Howleen Wolf Room Decor Howleen Wolf Room Decor

    Howleen, the daughter of the werewolf always takes legitimate pride being the youngest child in the family. Though she does everything on her own she can hardly decide on her fashions in terms of choosing the outfit that suits her complexion and appearance. She has brought a new flat at the centre o

  • Barbie Dream Dressup Barbie Dream Dressup

    Barbie and her baby are in their new room. They love it very much and Barbie wants to wear a beautiful dress to against the background of their new room. Come to help Barbie to make a decision!

  • Perry Cooking American Hamburger‏ Perry Cooking American Hamburger‏

    Make some patties in this Perry hamburger cooking game where he will teach you how to make some of the best ones. All the true detectives love a nice burger so get right to it.

  • Baby Lisi Learning Numbers Baby Lisi Learning Numbers

    Today you have the chance to learn how to count with Baby Lisi. Would you like that? Baby Lisi is Learning Numbers with her classmates and your job is to guess the right number of the colorful balls the teacher is drawing, after that you have to go with Baby Lisi, her little brother and mother and v

  • Monster High Pets Salon Monster High Pets Salon

    The Monster High favorite girls love pets. They adore taking care of them and pampering them with love and kisses. Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Ghoulia Yelps have each a lovely pet and they are a dog, kitten and owl. The names of the great pets are Watzit, Crescent and Sir Hoots A Lot. Can you h

  • Princess Juliet Piano Lesson Princess Juliet Piano Lesson

    Princess Juliet received a very expensive gift. She wanted to learn how to play the piano and her parents fulfilled her wish. While Juliet s parents are talking to their lawyer, to make an insurance for the piano, help Juliet practice her piano skills. You also need to help Juliet fix the strings of

  • Tip at the Hospital Tip at the Hospital

    The bubble adventure was amazing both for Tip and OH, but near the end Tip's bubble blew up. This is why now Tip is at the hospital and needs your help. Treat all her injuries, clean and disinfect all her wounds and be her personal doctor. Good luck!

  • Spy Barbie Accident Spy Barbie Accident

    Barbie is a spy working for secret agency. This morning she got an urgent mission. Help Barbie get ready for the mission asap. You should help her clean hair, brush teeth, apply makeup and get dressed. After the mission, she was a mess. Help her clean up everything and repare her broken shoes. Have

Top Games
  • Princess Skin Doctor Princess Skin Doctor

    Oh, no! What happened to our princess face? We think that an evil witch casted a spell that made her skin look so awful. She certainly made this because she doesn' want our princess to marry the handsome prince that is going to visit her today. Let' do something for the poor princess and make her lo

  • Pregnant Angela at Gingers Birthday Pregnant Angela at Gingers Birthday

    Today is Ginger’s birthday! Angela decided to organize a party for him. But Angela is expecting a baby and it won’t be easy for her to do everything on her own. Can she count on your help? First of all, join Angela and Ginger in the mall to shop for everything necessary for the party. Buy some t

  • Monster High Freaky Fusion Monster High Freaky Fusion

    Whoa, what happened to the ghouls?? I think I recognize them and yet I don�t... The ghoulfriends were travelling in time and a weird accident has occurred that fused them together in hybrid Monsters! But the best part of this freaky fusion is that the ghouls� styles fused together too. Now check

  • Big Kid Room Design Big Kid Room Design

    You're a big girl now, let's start building your own hotel! Decorate and fill the rooms with bunch of furniture and decorations that will make your guests happy. Of course they all will not fit in, but, that's the challenge! Good luck!

  • Draculaura Real Vampire Dentist Draculaura Real Vampire Dentist

    Draculaura has always care for her look. Her teeth do not look great and urgent need to reach the dentist. Because the dentition is a common one,Draculaura needs a special treatment. If you love the Draculaura then you must follow the instructions in the game and help her to smile again. Have fun tr

  • Cinderella's Wedding Makeup Cinderella's Wedding Makeup

    Princess Cinderella is getting married. She is very excited about this great moment in her life and she is very lucky to have met her prince. She needs to get ready for the happy event and she is running late. Can you help her get ready in time? Start the very fun game called Cinderella's Wedding Ma

  • Princess Juliet Castle Escape Princess Juliet Castle Escape

    Princess Juliet got captured by an ugly and evil troll who keeps her prisoner in his castle. You must use your skills to help Juliet escape. Search the rooms of the castle for all the clues and hints that will allow Juliet to escape the castle. Enjoy the search and have fun!

  • Talking Angela painting Ginger Talking Angela painting Ginger

    Angela wants to have a big picture with Ginger on her wall. She needs your help to make a nice and cute picture. Show your painting skills and Angela will be very happy and maybe become a famous painter.

  • Cinderella's New Hairstyle Cinderella's New Hairstyle

    Look who is here, girls! It' princess Cinderella herself and she wants to get a modern look at your fabulous hair salon! So what are you waiting for! Enter our challenging game and get ready to prove your hairstyling skills once again! wash Cinderella' hair first, then dry it, style it and color it.

  • Egyptian Model Dress Up Egyptian Model Dress Up

    The model has a party tonight, she is confused about what to wear for tonight. Select the best dress and accessories to wear for the party. Everyone should be stunned by her dressing. Help her.

  • Baby Fashion Designer Baby Fashion Designer

    Baby Alice has a cousin named Helen that is going to the prom next week, but she has not had a prom dress yet! Help Alice design and tailoring one for Helen, so she will wear it beautifully at the prom party

  • Cute Donuts Maker Cute Donuts Maker

    Are your ready for a yummilicious sweet adventure girls? This time we have a really cool cooking game for you to play and learn from it how to make a special dessert! We are talking about some amazingly delicious donuts. And they are not only delicious, they are also looking very cute! So, dear, hit

  • Angela Dress Designs Angela Dress Designs

    Talking Angela is such a fashionista! She never buys clothes from shops: firstly, because she wants all her outfits to be exclusive and fit her perfectly, and secondly have you ever seen a shop that sells cat gowns? Angela's fashion designer is a very skilled tailor and a great expert in style. I t

  • Mall Madness Mall Madness

    Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are hanging out at the mall. Help them have an awesome day of fashion and fun by heading into each of the stores to play the mini games!

  • Barbie's Wedding Party Barbie's Wedding Party

    This magic day has finally arrived: Barbie is getting married! Tomorrow the most famous doll of all times is going to say her wedding vows to the man she loves - Ken. And they will live happily ever after! Barbie still can't believe it's really happening: the most important moment of her life is jus

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