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  • Care Santa Claus Tooth Care Santa Claus Tooth

    Hello, girls. Christmas is coming. Are you expecting the gifts from Santa Clause? If you have any wishes, please write a letter and tell him. But, Santa Clause is not happy recently, because there is something wrong with his teeth. He has a terrible toothache these days. Christmas is on the way, but

  • Elsa Makeover Spa Elsa Makeover Spa

    Well,it's very cold and dry in winter . Some girls don't like it. Because it's not good for girl's skin . But Elsa likes winter,she likes the feeling of snow. And she is very good at maintaining her skin . But she is busy in preparing the Christmas Festival this week . She's very tired and she has a

  • Dora Go Camping Dora Go Camping

    Girls,do you like to go camping? If you go camping ,do you like to go camping with your daddy and mommy or by yourself? As we all know ,most girls choose to go camping with daddy and mommy ,because your parents think you are too little ,and some parents even don't allow you to go camping with our fr

  • Frozen Elsa Belly Pain Frozen Elsa Belly Pain

    Hello,girls ! You know ,Elsa is very beautiful and she was born with magical. And now she can use her magic to help others ,bring happiness to people in the country .She is a very kind ,and she often invites her people to visit the castel .Last week,she invited her people to the Thanksgiving party.

  • Princess Makeover Salon Princess Makeover Salon

    Girls , Here is a new fashion princess makeover games for you .You will have a new makeover experience in this "Princess makeover salon"games. There are lots of dresses and some new makeup skills in the games.Look at the princess in the games ,she very fashion and beautiful.She likes making up by he

  • Subway Surfer Eyecare Subway Surfer Eyecare

    Poor Subway Surfer is at the doctor again. This time he is at the ophthalmologist because he is very dizzy and has blurry vision. Help him make all the needed tests to solve his problem. Start with short and distance vision test and duo chrome test. Use the ophthalmoscopy for further investi

  • Cute Baby Picnic Cute Baby Picnic

    As autumn approached,the plants and colours in the nature changed. The nature become very colourful. Kate very likes this season. She usually have a picnic with her friends in the nature park every autumn. But now she is a mother and she want to go there with her baby. Kate is very happy,but it’s

  • Elsa Christmas Shopping Elsa Christmas Shopping

    Christmas is coming and Elsa wants to have a gorgeous Christmas tree. Help her to shop everything that she needs and decorate the Christmas tree fast ! Elsa will be very happy !

New Games
  • Santa Doctor Santa Doctor

    Santa is back from his duty this Christmas night, but he run into an accident and got hurt everywhere. Help us cure him by picking the right tools and medicines, and do some surgeries too!

  • Santa Sleigh Accident Santa Sleigh Accident

    It's Christmas and Santa and his trusty reindeer is ready to spread the joy and the gifts for all the good kids around the world. He has so much work to do and he is in a hurry. They are traveling fast and placing the gifts under the beautifully decorated trees. Oh no! Santa and his Sleigh hit a lig

  • Sledge Decoration Sledge Decoration

    We all know that the winter is one of the greatest seasons because we have snow! In this new and awesome game you must prepare your sledge for slope. First you must put the missing boards, after that the rope. Then you must sharpen the blades and finally put what blanket you like. With your mous

  • Talking Tom Surgeon Talking Tom Surgeon

    Your patient is waiting for you in this Talking Tom surgeon game and you will need to get your hands clean, grab a pair of gloves and start operating so you will cure him right away.

  • Sofia Stomach Surgery Sofia Stomach Surgery

    Sofia has pain in the stomach and is taken to hospital kingdom for a thorough check. After control, doctors are discovering stomach problems and was recommended immediate surgery and the only problem is they do not have a surgeon. Want to be the surgeon who saves Sofia?

  • Sofia The First Sissing Sofia The First Sissing

    Help the cute couple in this Sofia and the prince kissing game because she really wants to get to know the prince better and you will be the one making sure they do not get spotted.Instructions: Use the mouse to make the couple kiss.

  • Mermaid New Baby Mermaid New Baby

    The mermaid mommy will give birth to a new baby. Before that we need to take good care of her. We will check her blood pressure, temperature and the physiological function of her baby. And we should feed her with the food she likes. Let's look after her prenatal physical condition and make sure the

  • Baby Barbie Christmas Prep Baby Barbie Christmas Prep

    Enjoy a fabulous time with baby Barbie helping her prepare for Christmas. She wants to make it really special this year so she will take care of the house and tree decorations herself. Begin the prep accompanying Barbie to the supermarket for a fun shopping spree. Spot all the food and decorating it

  • Santa Shaving Santa Shaving

    This time you will have to take care of that Christmas is coming, which is why you must shave Santa. A new Christmas game in which you will have to shave in Mosul who comes every year on December 25th and brings gifts because it looks like after serving a year and did nothing he grew a beard and tim

  • Travel to Hong Kong Travel to Hong Kong

    Find that our young dashing girl Lisa is travelling to Hong Kong for holidays. But she doesn't have idea about her dress up for this trip. Can you help her? Treat own as her personal designer as well as adviser and dress up her with beautiful clothes and sparkling jewelries. Also match up this with

  • Dora Christmas Cake Dora Christmas Cake

    Dora loves cooking so much and she wants to suprise everyone in her family by making a Christmas cake. Join her in the kitchen and learn how to make a yummy cake with our girl. Have fun!

  • Pet Pony Makeover Pet Pony Makeover

    Hi kids! This is cute pet pony and you are very fond of your pony that you love bathing it and try new looks often. In this pet care game, you will have to groom your pet and accessorize it stylishly. Mix and match the accessories and the outfit until you get the perfect makeover. First, give a nice

  • Cutezee Cooking Academy Gingerbread Cutezee Cooking Academy Gingerbread

    Chef CuteZee has a brand new lesson for you at the cooking academy. The second lesson is a great one and I am sure you will like it. In this second lesson you will learn how to make the most delicious and amazing gingerbread. This is a very simple, yet delicious treat and with Chef Cutezee you will

  • Princess Anna Christmas Makeover Princess Anna Christmas Makeover

    Girls! You must be happy and excited about Christmas as there only a few days to go for it. To double your happiness, we have prepared a wonderful spa makeover game with your favorite princess Anna. Hence, get this girl game started and show your facial skills to Princess Anna by giving her an amazi

  • DelightFul Pet Care DelightFul Pet Care

    Serve these cute little pets with bones and fishes as they desire and relish the grateful licks that they might bestow on you, in return and relish the joy of mutual and unconditional love. Instruction: Watch the bubble over the pet and drag the item to his plate. Keep all the pets happy before

  • Baby Daisy Learning Shapes Baby Daisy Learning Shapes

    Little Baby Daisy is going to learn different shapes today. First play with baby Daisy with some toys, using that teach basic shapes. Take her to kitchen and let her explore more shapes by using balking some cookies.

  • Body Treatment 2 Body Treatment 2

    This pretty woman needs your help. She has a lot of cellulite and she isfull of fat and need a healty anti-cellulite massage. You need to followcarefully all stepts. You need to apply all anti-cellulite creams, thenmassage her, then wrap her a few minutes in foil. Finally she will beperfect and thin

  • Baby Juliet Flu Baby Juliet Flu

    After playing in the park for a while, baby Juliet decided to play in the pool. It started raining and Juliet got the flu. Now she is very sick and you have to take good care of her. Follow the instructions and use the medical instruments to make Juliet recover and get rid of the fever and pain. She

  • Barbies Unicorn Dress Up Barbies Unicorn Dress Up

    The world of magic is populated by lots of fantastic creatures like unicorns, warlocks, witches, fairies, elfs and trolls. As a magic unicorn princess, Barbie is one of the many inhabitants of the amazing fantasy realm. She is very popular here being greatly loved by good and evil spirits alike. She

  • Polly Christmas Party Polly Christmas Party

    Christmas is around the corner, and Polly is really excited about it! There are a lot things to do before the party started. Play with her friends, wash her dress, cut out and paint paper decorations for Polly's room.

  • Santa At Dentist Santa At Dentist

    Santa Claus is coming to town! You better watch out because Santa has presents only for the good children. IF you want to be on the list then you have to make sure you do only good thing until Santa comes. For example today you can help Santa Claus. He is struggling with some tooth problems because

  • Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover Handsome Kristoff Xmas Makeover

    Frozen Kristoff is a handsome hunk and you can pamper this smart guy in this facial makeover game. He wants a stylish makeover for Christmas. You can help him get a facial makeover in this makeover and makeup game. Have fun!

  • Christmas Cake Shop Christmas Cake Shop

    Santa will be opening his lovely Christmas Cake Shop in just a couple of days and there's still so much baking to be done! Would you like to be his little elf in the kitchen and help him cook and then lovely decorate one of those delicious, festive Christmas cakes that he'll be selling in his Christ

  • Beard Salon Beard Salon

    Who says handsome man don't need maintenance? As the stylish men, we need to take good maintenance of our face. Let's be very handsome, so we can catch the heart of the goddess.

  • Christmas Ornament Disaster Christmas Ornament Disaster

    Oh no! Cinnamon made Emily drop all the ornaments! Help her find them and decorate the tree before the guests arrive to her dinner party! Instruction: Look around the scene to try to find the hidden ornaments. When you find one, click it to add it to the tree! Try to find them all before time run

Top Games
  • Baby Barbie Villains Costumes Baby Barbie Villains Costumes

    Check out baby Barbie's impressive villains costumes collection, girls! Before doing so, search her girly bedroom for a few fashion items the cute girl needs to accessorize her attires with. They are hidden all over the room and she cannot find them on her own. Spot the sunglasses, hair pins, bag, h

  • Baby Twin Crib Decro Baby Twin Crib Decro

    Jean and peter are twins. They are so cute and everyone love them so much. Now you need to decorate their cribs. Let show your creation. Enjoy!

  • Elsa Hand Doctor‏ Elsa Hand Doctor‏

    Elsa has fallen on ice and hurt her hand so in this Elsa hand doctor game you will need to treat her, as she is now one of your patients. Have a fun time with her in your doctor office.

  • Monster High Cute Brides Monster High Cute Brides

    Each girl likes to imagine herself in a sparkling wedding gown and a veil. So do Monster High girls, but their monster tastes in wedding fashion are a very much different from what common brides prefer. Find out what Cleo, Clawdeen, Lagoona and other ghouls would like to look like on their wedding d

  • Messy Pou Messy Pou

    Pou is an adventurer, but after the last play in the wood pou torn out to be very messy, with branches on the head,his body it's gritty and has very dusty clothes.The real adventure begins when you decided to help Pou! Help Pou to be clean and you win points, try to collect as many as possible and P

  • Pou Girl Birthday Party Pou Girl Birthday Party

    It is a big day for our beloved friend Pou Girl - today is her birthday and she has invited all of her friends over for a great party. Many things must be done before her guests appear, so let us join Pou Girl and help her prepare the best party ever. We need to decorate the living room in her speci

  • Turkey Shave Time Turkey Shave Time

    It’s time to do shave for turkey, are you ready? Use scissors to remove hair from the body, hit the spray to kill insects, trim and remove the remaining hair. Finally, select the nice costume for turkey.

  • Talking Tom Jump Adventure Talking Tom Jump Adventure

    Talking Tom has a great adventure. Talking Tom must jump on the platforms and try to get the top score high. He must be careful not to fall or he will die and then you must start again. Enjoy Talking Tom Jump Adventure and have fun.

  • Sofia Squeeze Pimples Sofia Squeeze Pimples

    It has all kinds of important stuff royal do. The princess is getting ready for a very busy day. Help her to look the part in this cool makeover game. Please clean all pimples.

  • Sofia Party Cleanup Sofia Party Cleanup

    Oh no! Looks like Cedric makes Sofia another trouble. There's such a mess all over the castle, and the royal party is going to start very soon. Hurry up to clean up all the three rooms before the guests arrive!

  • Messy Barbie Messy Barbie

    Something must have happened to Barbie because she does not look very good. She is dirty, has mud spots on her dress and her hair is full of branches. You have to help her get clean. Use the shower and the hygiene tools in the right order to clean Barbie and her clothes. Make sure she has no spots o

  • Pony Spa Day Pony Spa Day

    This cute little girl will be happy forever if she gets a new pony for Christmas this year. Has always request transportation on all fours, but she did not want to have any gray mare, who want to find a strong and healthy horse can send an afternoon adventure Emergency!

  • Anna Frozen Makeover Anna Frozen Makeover

    Anna Frozen experiencing skin problems and needs a good specialist for her to regain her beauty. Use special treatments with creams and then rinse thoroughly with water. Help her to get rid of pimples on her face so she would finally regain her beauty.Enjoy this game!

  • Halloween Pet Care Halloween Pet Care

    A pet was injured by a car on the way to the Halloween party. He wants to attend the party, but doesn't have anyone to care him so could you please help him? Finally select a nice costume for the Halloween party.

  • Spongebob And Patrick Adventure Spongebob And Patrick Adventure

    Help Spongebob And Patrick to collect all their food. The Spongebob collects Crab package and Patrick collects Fried Coral. Afte collecting all their food, you need to help them to arrive in the corresponding pipe outlet to escape.

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