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  • Frozen Anna give birth a baby Frozen Anna give birth a baby

    Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring .All of the people are very happy and they are looking forward to baby coming to the world .Now ten months had elapsed ,It鈥檚 time to give birth to a baby .Anna needs a very experienced obstetrician gynecologist to help her deliver her baby .I k

  • Little Baby Care 2 Little Baby Care 2

    Look at the cute baby ,She is crying loudly in the Baby Games .Can take care of her ? Making her happy and dress up her .First ,Change her diapers ;Puting the diaper in the trash and wiping her ass .Second ,you should rubbed him with baby oil and dusted her all over with talcum powder . Don't forget

  • Fantasy Hairstyle Show Fantasy Hairstyle Show

    Many famous hair stylists will attend the Fantasy Hairstyle Show in NewYork tonight .It鈥檚 really a big fashion hairstyle show in this year and the famous hair stylists will bring people a lot of surprises .Alisa was invited to the show , and she also bring her works .Do you want to know what she

  • Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom

    Girls , Are you helpful at home ? Can you do the dishes ? Can you sweep the floor ? Some girls say "yes , I can ." but most of girls can鈥檛 do housework .Because your mother always doing all the housework by herself . But when your mother don鈥檛 have time to do the housework , can you help her

  • Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle

    Rapunzel Princess has bored with her current hairstyle .So she wants to try on a completely new hairstyle in this season .She want to invite a famous hair designer to help her.I know ,you鈥檙e a great hair designer.Will you help her? Let's start with a thorough wash and dry.Then cut her hair and

  • Elsa Cupcakes Elsa Cupcakes

    Hmm we have more delicious treats from Elsa! She just got used to cooking great food and today she is making us some amazing cupcakes. Lets join her in the frozen kitchen and see if she needs any help. Let us help Elsa prepare the delicious cupcake composition by following the exact instructions. Af

  • Little Baby Cate Little Baby Cate

    Today, the baby's mother needs to buy something for her baby, she inconvenient to carry her baby , only put the baby at home and entrust to you for care, and then the mother drove to go shopping. Look, this baby is so cute, big eyes, delicate skin. Care the baby and try not to let her cry, if s

  • Cute Baby Dress Cute Baby Dress

    Girls ,Looking after an obedient and cute baby will bring you a lot of happiness .Look ,the Cute Baby in this girls games is an very obedient baby in the nursery . Let鈥檚 take care of her and make her happy . But be careful to be a good nurse ,we should not olny give her what she needs but also

New Games
  • Cooking Lesson Cake Maker Cooking Lesson Cake Maker

    Who's in for a really delicious cake? We have a great recipe here, so enter this new cooking lesson and get ready to improve your skills in the virtual kitchen! Follow the instructions in the game to find out what are the ingredients you have to use to cook a special cake. After cooking it, you can

  • Design Your Halloween Costume Design Your Halloween Costume

    Girls, the greatest time of the year is here. It鈥檚 time to choose a great Halloween costume or design your own. In our amazing new and exclusive game, called Design Your Halloween Costume, you will be able to design your amazing costume for this years greatest party. I absolutely lov

  • Barbie's First Date Dress Up Barbie's First Date Dress Up

    First impression always matters especially on a first date. Help Barbie make the best dress up choice putting together the perfect outfit for her. The venue is a complete secret and it will only be disclosed to the cute doll when she arrives there. This makes the dress up part even more difficult, b

  • Sofia The First Castle Dollhouse Sofia The First Castle Dollhouse

    Sofia is the youngest girl in the family. She is the pet of the family members. She is very pretty that if she touches a robot it will transform into a human being and if she touches a man he will transform into a robot. Such is the beauty of the lass. She has a doll house which needs decoration. Ye

  • iCarly Dentist iCarly Dentist

    iCarly has not been taking good care of her teeth. She need you to be a dentist today.

  • Spongebob And Patrick Adventure Spongebob And Patrick Adventure

    Help Spongebob And Patrick to collect all their food. The Spongebob collects Crab package and Patrick collects Fried Coral. Afte collecting all their food, you need to help them to arrive in the corresponding pipe outlet to escape.

  • Peppys Washing Clothes Peppys Washing Clothes

    Help Liz washing her clothes, a passing car splashes out the muddy water on her. Her clothes become dirty. Come on!

  • Mary Flower Spa Mary Flower Spa

    Considering the busy schedule during the week, Mary decided to take a break at the spa.Here, she will be treated like a princess. After receiving a treatment for relaxation, she will enjoy an entire change!She will receive a new look and a change of outfit! You will help her and everyone will be hap

  • Elsa Fancy Pedicure Elsa Fancy Pedicure

    You have a pedicure salon and Elsa comes to you for a fancy nails pedicure. You must clean her nails, take care of them and choose the most colorful nail polish. Do not forget accessories - tattoos and sandals. At the end Elsa will have a gorgeous pedicure! Have fun girls.

  • Zoe's Halloween Party Decor Zoe's Halloween Party Decor

    The Vampire wanted her room to be decorated with objects for a Halloween party. She needs your help to purchase the objects and to decorate the room with it. Have fun by helping the vampire.

  • Turkey Escape Turkey Escape

    Help Turkey to Escape from the cage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest.Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, help Turkey to Escape! Good Luck!

  • Elsa and Ken Kissing Elsa and Ken Kissing

    Elsa and Ken are having a great time in this cute kissing game as you will surely notice. They do not want, however, to be spotted by anyone and this is where you come in as we need your skill. Have a cool time with her and him as they make a great couple. Whenever you will give them the green light

  • SOFIA The First Foot Doctor SOFIA The First Foot Doctor

    Sofia The First has her leg broken after the carriage was overturned by thieves. Soldiers of King brought her to the castle to be treated by Dr. Royal. In those days, medicine was not so advanced and the infection can kill and Sofia needs your help and your experience in treating infections. Make So

  • After School Fun Differences After School Fun Differences

    Trampolines, slides and kites are all fun for these merry kids and maybe you could join them and share the fun by spotting differences between the two cute pictures.

  • Halloween Dressup Match Halloween Dressup Match

    Lilly is getting ready for a Halloween party! Help her get ready for the party by matching the items on the cards. Then dress her up in spooky Halloween style!

  • Sofia Makeover Sofia Makeover

    Welcome back to the Disney Universe! Join Princess Sofia in her latest adventures and start having some fun with all your favorite characters from the famous series. There is a royal ball later tonight and our little princess is planning on being the prettiest girl there. To achieve this she is goin

  • Elsa Gym Workout Elsa Gym Workout

    Elsa decided to go to the ball. But it looks like she has gained some weight during the last months. So it's time for her to go to the gym! Help her to look pretty and slim again.

  • Puppy Groomer Puppy Groomer

    You are a famous groomer and this cute puppy was brought to you to have some stylish makeover. Now groom that puppy, play, pet, cut his fur and give some amazing makeover to make him look more fabulous than ever!

  • Cooking Annie Fruit Salsa Cooking Annie Fruit Salsa

    Here we have Annie, a lovable clown who today will prepare a delicious fruit salsa, and you will help him.First he has to buy all the necessary ingredients from the market.After you have chosen all the ingredients, get into the kitchen, where you have to prepare all fruits for the salsa.Put all the

  • Police Girl Dressup Police Girl Dressup

    Diana may be a officer,and she loves her job a great deal. She isalready Associate in Nursing unbelievably modern woman,but these days she's wanting to the whole her outfit with Associate in Nursing fashionable style. She's preparing for a brand new beat,but 1st she has to notice the proper instrume

  • Elsa Eye Care Elsa Eye Care

    Elsa feel vision blurred, she came to the hospital, so she need a good doctor for eyes problems. Today you get the chance to make your dream ofbecoming an eye doctor come true and run several important tests on ourfriend, Elsa.Start the examination with several important tests such asshort and dist

  • Elsa Hand Surgery Elsa Hand Surgery

    Elsa has serious hand injuries and there is no way to save her hand without surgery .Try to help her recover and have an healthy hand again.Have fun!

  • Dentist fear 2 Dentist fear 2

    Do you have a fear of a dentist? If yes, you are not the only one. With dentist fear 2 you can choose the person of your choice and take care of your teeth properly. Make sure to kill the multiple bacteria too.

  • Frozen Olaf Fix and Dress Frozen Olaf Fix and Dress

    Olaf, one of the lovely character Frozen. His body parts are scattered in the snow as the snow beast chased him. He needs your help to fix his parts and assemble him. He will be more happy if you make him more beautiful with excellent range of costumes. Do you want to build a snowman? Start now.

  • Pink Pig Decorate Room Pink Pig Decorate Room

    The Halloween is coming!Peppa pig family wants to decorate their house to the Holloween style!Let's help them!Have fun!

Top Games
  • Kids Cycle Repair Kids Cycle Repair

    Help the kid to apply rust oil and clean it, repair the cycle, change the broken parts and finally color the cycle with nice and attractive color. Let the kid have a wonderful ride.

  • Baby Monster Great Manicure‏ Baby Monster Great Manicure‏

    Make some awesome nails for your customer in this baby monster great manicure game and try to create something unique so that when they come the next time around, they will be expecting great results.

  • Messy Dora Messy Dora

    Hey kids! Today we have to help Dora get clean. She played with her friends and managed to slip into big hole filled with branches,leaves, little rocks and a lot of mud. You can imagine she is very messy. Let us use the tools in the right order and make Dora and her clothes clean again. Do not forge

  • Delicious Baby-Food Plating Delicious Baby-Food Plating

    Our baby is really hungry this morning, so let' prepare a delicious breakfast for him! Pick up his favorite foods from all those tasty ones available and arrange them on the plate in a creative and funny way. The baby should love not only the tasty of the food, but also the way it looks. So, dear ma

  • Elsa Beauty Salon Elsa Beauty Salon

    What a surprise! The snow queen Elsa from Disney movie Frozen comes to your beauty salon for a body spa and a nice manicure! Could you give her the best service? Treat Elsa with a comfortable and relaxing spa, then give her fabulous nail arts! last but not least, she needs your advice in choosing a

  • Baby Alice Birthday Party Baby Alice Birthday Party

    Baby Alice's birthday is today! Help her decor her room, cake, and make best birthday party ever for her!

  • Sofia The  First Dentist Sofia The First Dentist

    Sofia The First having problems with her teeth after eating too many sweets royal. King Roland II of the kingdom of enchance dentist sent her kingdom to be treated accordingly. In this great game you will learn the secrets of modern dentistry, namely that teeth be cleaned, treated caries and repla

  • Sofia Laundry Time Sofia Laundry Time

    Sofia and her kitty play outsite but suddenly it rains, let鈥檚 help Sofia to wash and dry laundry!

  • Elsa with Anna Dress Up Elsa with Anna Dress Up

    Guys, Elsa and Anna are inivited to a royal prom tonight. They both want to look stunning and beautiful. As their stylist, you need to choose a wonderful dress for them. Don鈥檛 forget to pick up amazing accessories and create a perfect hairstyle for them. Have fun time with this game

  • Rapunzel Sweet Sixteen Rapunzel Sweet Sixteen

    Hello cute fashionistas! It's Rapunzel's birthday and she is turning 16! It's a very exciting time because she is very happy to organize two wonderful sweet sixteen parties and she will invite all her friends. A now and modern party and a then, more traditional will be organized. You can help Rapunz

  • Ninja Sushi Ninja Sushi

    Amari-san is a prodigy little girl. She has great ninja skill, and she loves to cook. So, why not do both?

  • Sofia Nails Salon Sofia Nails Salon

    Sofia the First starts another royal day at the palace.She always wants to look like a princess so before all the royal duties she takes a tour at the castle nails salon. Give to Sofia a royal manicure by giving her a royal treatment at the salon, pick the right nail color ,jewelry and bracelets

  • Baby Elsa Bathing‏ Baby Elsa Bathing‏

    Baby Elsa bathing game is a really fun way to spend a bit of your free time making her go through all the stages of the bath process and also have a great deal of fun along the way.

  • Elsa - Ambulance Washing Elsa - Ambulance Washing

    Elsa - Ambulance Washing is a wonderful car washing game. There is an old ambulance in the hospital garage and it is your mission to wash it and fix it. After you wash the entire ambulance you need to fix the windshield and also the flat tires. There are also some scratches on the ambulance, please

  • Baby Hedgehog Caring Baby Hedgehog Caring

    Hey, girl! Would you like to have a really special pet? What about a cute little baby hedgehog? Just take a look at the one in this game and you will simply adore him! Play with the cute little baby hedgehog this nice caring game in which you can wash him, dry him, change his diaper, dress him up an

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