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  • Fantasy Hairstyle Show Fantasy Hairstyle Show

    Many famous hair stylists will attend the Fantasy Hairstyle Show in NewYork tonight .It鈥檚 really a big fashion hairstyle show in this year and the famous hair stylists will bring people a lot of surprises .Alisa was invited to the show , and she also bring her works .Do you want to know what she

  • Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom

    Girls , Are you helpful at home ? Can you do the dishes ? Can you sweep the floor ? Some girls say "yes , I can ." but most of girls can鈥檛 do housework .Because your mother always doing all the housework by herself . But when your mother don鈥檛 have time to do the housework , can you help her

  • Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle

    Rapunzel Princess has bored with her current hairstyle .So she wants to try on a completely new hairstyle in this season .She want to invite a famous hair designer to help her.I know ,you鈥檙e a great hair designer.Will you help her? Let's start with a thorough wash and dry.Then cut her hair and

  • Little Baby Cate Little Baby Cate

    Today, the baby's mother needs to buy something for her baby, she inconvenient to carry her baby , only put the baby at home and entrust to you for care, and then the mother drove to go shopping. Look, this baby is so cute, big eyes, delicate skin. Care the baby and try not to let her cry, if s

  • Cute Baby Dress Cute Baby Dress

    Girls ,Looking after an obedient and cute baby will bring you a lot of happiness .Look ,the Cute Baby in this girls games is an very obedient baby in the nursery . Let鈥檚 take care of her and make her happy . But be careful to be a good nurse ,we should not olny give her what she needs but also

  • Warm Wedding Girl Warm Wedding Girl

    I will attend the wedding ceremony of one of my friends today . My friend has been preparing for the wedding for couple of months . She has took lots of photos with her boyfriend . And she has prepared some new dress. The wedding will invite many friends and relatives. It should be a big event in he

  • Elsa Apple Pie Elsa Apple Pie

    Elsa wants to surprise Ana, what do you think she is up to in her icy kitchen? What do you think Elsa is cooking in her fabulous frozen kitchen to surprise her sister Ana?Let s find out together!

  • Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle

    Taylor Swift is going to have a concert in New York today . Now it's time to go to the concert, meeting her fans.You girls, I know you're a very skilled makeup girl , let's help her . We should help her choose a right haircut and a sharp suit . First, Wash her hair and dry them .Then , help her m

New Games
  • My Pet Doctor - Baby Sheep My Pet Doctor - Baby Sheep

    Oh, no! This cute little baby sheep is really sick! We have to do something to treat it right away! Take the baby sheep the pet doctor and do all you can to make this adorable creature feel better. Follow the instructions given by the doctor to know what medicines and tools to use in order to treat

  • Elsa Ice Bucket Challenge Elsa Ice Bucket Challenge

    Elsa accepts the ice bucket challenge call from Anna.Please prepare a bucket for her.And she will use her magic to create ice.Let's see how Elsa's challenge going!

  • Anna Frozen Pregnant Anna Frozen Pregnant

    There's great news in the kingdom. Princess Anna is Pregnant! And you can you believe it? - she's asking you to become her stylist. Anna and Kristoff will soon become happy parents - help Anna to look properly!

  • Doc McStuffins Makeover Doc McStuffins Makeover

    Our favorite doctor, Doc McStuffins needs a specialist in beauty.If you are willing to help follow the instructions in the game and after each application of skin creams make sure you rinse she face well. Have fun making the Doc Mcstuffins beautiful again!

  • Get Rid Of Cellulitis Get Rid Of Cellulitis

    Hanna is the happiest girl in the world! Her boyfriend made her a proposal, and they'll have wedding on Hawaii. But everything can be ruined - Hanna has a lot of cellulitis, and she can't let her fiance see her like this. Help her to get rid of cellulitis!

  • Rapunzel Sweet Sixteen Rapunzel Sweet Sixteen

    Hello cute fashionistas! It's Rapunzel's birthday and she is turning 16! It's a very exciting time because she is very happy to organize two wonderful sweet sixteen parties and she will invite all her friends. A now and modern party and a then, more traditional will be organized. You can help Rapunz

  • Wicked Dressup Wicked Dressup

    Elphaba and Glinda are the Wicked Witch and the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Their story goes way back to before Dorothy's tale. Dress them up for a Wicked good time.

  • Princess Mulan Charming Makeover Princess Mulan Charming Makeover

    Princess Mulan is a natural beauty and since she is in disguise as a man, her beauty is hidden from others. In this facial spa game, let鈥檚 show that princess Mulan is a lot more charming and beautiful than most of the princesses with a makeover. First, clean up the facial skin by various spa pro

  • Twilight Cheerleader Makeover Twilight Cheerleader Makeover

    Twilight is cheerleader at school, she is beautiful pony girl. Let's help her prepare for the new sports meet, give her great facial treatment, choose beautiful clothes for her. Have fun!

  • Brain chemistry Brain chemistry

    In this new surgery game your mission is to take care of this poor girlbecause she has terrible pains at her brain. He came at your cabinetcomplaining of terrible headaches. You must examine her and see what isher the cause of her headaches. To do that, you must follow all steps inorder. First you m

  • Cute Bunny Face Injury Cute Bunny Face Injury

    This poor bunny has some sores on the face, and you must help him and heal them. First he needs to give him an oxygen mask, then clean open wounds and sew the wound where needed. Finally he needs some eye drops and will smile again.

  • Find the Hidden Objects Find the Hidden Objects

    Sarah has left some of her objects in her storeroom, but they are important now for her. How can she find those objects from this messy room. Can you help her to find all the objects as soon as possible (before time). You can explore more new objects if you play again. Have fun gals.

  • Baby Talking Tom Eye Doctor‏ Baby Talking Tom Eye Doctor‏

    Get ready for this baby talking Tom eye doctor game where your very special friend has arrived as a patient. Treat his eyes and try to make use of your tools by following the instructions.

  • Clean up spa salon 2 Clean up spa salon 2

    Clean up some beautiful spa for your customer. You will have 4 new spa salon interior and exterior to clean. You have 5 hints if you need some tips to clean everything. Enjoy!

  • Lightning McQueen Car Wash Lightning McQueen Car Wash

    Lightning McQueen is going to race with other cars. But why is he still so dirty? It will have bad influence on his racing. Let's wash him clean. So he can run for the champion! Have fun!

  • Yummy Juicy Fruit Pick Yummy Juicy Fruit Pick

    The heavens are showering juicy fruits and try grabbing as much as you can in your basket. More fruits would translate to more nutrition and more happiness.

  • Kitty Groomer Kitty Groomer

    You are a famous groomer and this cute kitty was brought to you to have some stylish makeover. Now play, pet, cut her fur and give some amazing makeover to make her look more fabulous than ever!

  • Dora Out Dress Up Dora Out Dress Up

    Dora will go out for the cool weather and she will go to picnic with her friends.First,dress up Dora.Dora collected many beautiful dress and you will see the dresses and choose what you want for cute girl Dora.

  • Elsa Frozen Cool Makeover Elsa Frozen Cool Makeover

    In this Elsa Frozen Cool Makeover game you have a special client for a makeover. Princess Elsa wants to look cool like you. Can you transform her ordinary appearance into a more attractive one that she looks as fashionable and stylish as you? Apply facial creams and makeup on face for making her fa

  • Pou Bathing‏ Pou Bathing‏

    It is evening in this Pou bathing game and time has come to get clean and go to bed soon. Take him through all the stations to make sure you scrub out all the dirt off the cute creature.

  • Zoe Toy Repair Zoe Toy Repair

    Zoe is very upset, as all her favorite toys have gotten repair. Think yourself as a toy repairer and help Zoe to repair damaged toys and replace the improper parts to bring back her cute smile

  • Baby Barbie School Haircuts Baby Barbie School Haircuts

    Check out baby Barbie's stunning new school girl look! Those hipster glasses and the pretty pink dress combined with a stylish white shirt and pink tie suit her amazingly. Notice anything different though? The cute blondie did her hair styling homework and now she wears the trendiest school haircuts

  • Light Green Room Escape Light Green Room Escape

    Escape from the Light Green Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Room.

  • Fun Mouth Doctor Fun Mouth Doctor

    Becoming a dentist can be a fun and rewarding career, and with this fun mouth doctor game you get to have the chance to see what a dentist gets to do in their practice.

Top Games
  • Ninja Sushi Ninja Sushi

    Amari-san is a prodigy little girl. She has great ninja skill, and she loves to cook. So, why not do both?

  • Sofia Nails Salon Sofia Nails Salon

    Sofia the First starts another royal day at the palace.She always wants to look like a princess so before all the royal duties she takes a tour at the castle nails salon. Give to Sofia a royal manicure by giving her a royal treatment at the salon, pick the right nail color ,jewelry and bracelets

  • Baby Elsa Bathing‏ Baby Elsa Bathing‏

    Baby Elsa bathing game is a really fun way to spend a bit of your free time making her go through all the stages of the bath process and also have a great deal of fun along the way.

  • Elsa - Ambulance Washing Elsa - Ambulance Washing

    Elsa - Ambulance Washing is a wonderful car washing game. There is an old ambulance in the hospital garage and it is your mission to wash it and fix it. After you wash the entire ambulance you need to fix the windshield and also the flat tires. There are also some scratches on the ambulance, please

  • Baby Hedgehog Caring Baby Hedgehog Caring

    Hey, girl! Would you like to have a really special pet? What about a cute little baby hedgehog? Just take a look at the one in this game and you will simply adore him! Play with the cute little baby hedgehog this nice caring game in which you can wash him, dry him, change his diaper, dress him up an

  • Sleeping Princess Anna Sleeping Princess Anna

    Anna is sleeping but you know what she wants to look perfect even in this time. So as her stylist, you have mission to choose beautiful clothes and accessories for our lovely princess. Enjoy this game.

  • Kitty Princess Care Kitty Princess Care

    In this wonderful pet care game, you are going to meet a lovely kitty which is the princess in the kingdom of cats. As a princess, this kitty deserves special grooming and treatments. As a pet lover, you can exhibit your pet caring skills by bathing, grooming and accessorizing this adorable pet. Fir

  • Anna Great Makeover‏ Anna Great Makeover‏

    Anna is looking for a new look this upcoming autumn so in this Anna Frozen Makeover game you will have to make her look fantastic by choosing some cute outfits and a few hairstyles.

  • Kristoff Kiss Anna Kristoff Kiss Anna

    Kristoff and Anna fall in love with each other on their adventurous trip to save the Kingdom.But they don't want others know about that.Let's help them cover their relationship from Elsa and Olaf.And they will kiss each other secretly!Have fun!

  • Sofia The First Great Makeover‏ Sofia The First Great Makeover‏

    Sophia the First is looking for someone that can help her in this princess makeover game and you will need to try and give her a totally new look that she can be proud of.

  • Ice cream candy factory Ice cream candy factory

    Make ice cream and candy in a factory with beautiful machine. Once you change level, you will get new things unlocked with new machine too. Have fun and try to make it to the end.

  • Tom and Angela Wedding Day Tom and Angela Wedding Day

    Tom is finally decided to make a proposal to Angela. And she answers Yes! But wedding - is not only fun, but also a lot of work to do: make a new haircut and manicure, choose dresses and rings. Let's help them!

  • Barbie Mini Cooper Car Wash Barbie Mini Cooper Car Wash

    Barbie's Mini Cooper just wrecked by some guy when she use it to grocery store. Now she have to go to car repair shop to fix it. Help her fix and pimp her Mini Cooper!

  • Elsa Sunburn Elsa Sunburn

    Hey Girls Queen Elsa of Arendelle after a spell, she forfeit all the powers that she have on snow and ice. Without knowing this,in the vacation was exposed naked skin to the sun and suffered terrible burns.Now she has severe pain and shes sister Anna will ask you to help Elsa and to use medical k

  • Dora Vegetable Planting Dora Vegetable Planting

    Dora has green fingers and she loves gardening so muchToday is a sunny day. So Dora decides to plant vegetable. Let鈥檚 give her some help and enjoy this Dora gardening game.

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