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Featured Games
  • Elsa cleaning royal family Elsa cleaning royal family

  • Pregnant Elsa Queen Spa Pregnant Elsa Queen Spa

    Girls?do you know Elsa was pregnant 8 months?But she is very busy every day. She has no time to make up by herself,so she wants invites some make-up artists help her every day. Girls,do you want to have a try? Elsa should take bath every day,so she have many different skin care products,you can us

  • Cinderella's Glass Slipper Cinderella's Glass Slipper

    As we all know, Cinderella has a very beautiful glass slipper and she felt in love with the prince.She very likes her glass slipper,so the prince invites many famous designer to help her makes some beautiful glass slippers.Today Cinderella bring three different style glass slipper pictures to share

  • Elsa learn fishing Elsa learn fishing

    Today is the weekend,Elsa feels very boring, then she go to the bedroom to read, she is reading a book about marine life, when she see a lot of fish page, suddenly, she have a idea and she want to go try fishing. So Elsa pack up supplies came to the river and find a suitable location, ready to go

  • Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess

  • Design beautiful princess costume Design beautiful princess costume

  • Birth A Baby For Anna Birth A Baby For Anna

    Todat is very pleased that the young mother was pregnant after more than nine months,she will soon be a mother, in before birth, she should be appropriate to do some exercise, help her smooth delivery, she is at pregnant school,here are the instructor do counseling help her, complete som

  • Mommy Angela And Kid Mommy Angela And Kid

    It looks like it is a peaceful and ordinary day for Angela and her kid. The little kitty plays and she needs your help to find her favorite toys around the house. You need to watch carefully for the hidden toys and find them. Next you will have to play doctor for the kitty and treat her tummy ache.

New Games
  • Talking Angela painting Ginger Talking Angela painting Ginger

    Angela wants to have a big picture with Ginger on her wall. She needs your help to make a nice and cute picture. Show your painting skills and Angela will be very happy and maybe become a famous painter.

  • Ella Surgeon Legs Ella Surgeon Legs

    Be a doctor and surgeon Ella's legs. Then be a fashion stylist and dress up Ella with some cool dresses.

  • Messy Parlour Clean Up Messy Parlour Clean Up

    Annie is a famous makeup and hair stylist and she is the owner of the most exclusive beauty salon in town.All the girls are delighted to be Annie’s clients and the beauty salon is always crowded.After a busy day of giving makeovers and pampering the clients the salon parlour looks messy and need s

  • Talking Angela Grooming Talking Angela Grooming

    Talking Angela wants to be in disguise and change her look completely by sporting facial hair. In this Talking Angela Grooming game, you are going to change the look of Angela like never before. Yes, she will have piercing, tattoos, beard and mustache. Now, she sports a long beard. You have to shave

  • Cinderella Princess Makeover Cinderella Princess Makeover

    lovely princess Cinderella is running terribly late to Prince Charming's royal ball! Only her godmother or... you, could turn her into the “belle of the ball” , as if by magic, now!

  • Ella Plastic Surgeon Ella Plastic Surgeon

    Ella has so much extra weight, she wants to lose weight and she decides that the fastest and most effective way is a plastic surgery. Let's make small cuts on problem areas and suck out the extra fat for her. Will you operate Ella, doctor?

  • Evil Pikachu Rampage Evil Pikachu Rampage

    Pikachu has turned into evil and, it is out of control. It wants to smash everything he see and encounter.The evil pikachu landed on a town and want to destroy everything in the town.Help pikachu complete each level by achieve tasks in each level.

  • Little Girl Hand Fracture Little Girl Hand Fracture

    Little Lucy was playing with her friends in her room when she accidentally fell of her bed and broke her hand. She is in lot of pain now. She needs a doctor’s help. Check Lucy’s hand and give her the best possible treatment.

  • Monster High Freaky Fusion Monster High Freaky Fusion

  • Anna Playing With Baby Elsa? Anna Playing With Baby Elsa?

    You have been invited to the slumber party in this Anna and Baby Elsa playing game so you will start having some awesome time as soon as you knock on their front door.

  • Princess Juliet Forest Adventure Princess Juliet Forest Adventure

    Princess Juliet is lost in the forest after she escaped the Troll s castle. Help Juliet find the right path and escape the big forest. She needs to feed a bear with honey and water a thorny bush so she can cross the forest. She also needs to find some golden coins and exchange them for a paddle in o

  • Talking Ginger Crowned Prince Talking Ginger Crowned Prince

    Talking Ginger is anxious and excited before his coronation as prince. Along his family, Talking Angela and Tom, Ginger will be crowned today as prince of all cats in the world. He needs your help to choose the most suitable clothes and accessories

  • Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza? Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza?

    Learn how to make a traditional Italian dish in this pregnant Elsa pizza cooking game. She is having a tough time eating for two so make it a large one and add plenty of toppings to it.

  • Dora hand emergency Dora hand emergency

    Dora just had an accident and now she is at hospital waiting for you toheal her hand. Use all the useful tools and take care her hand before thewound get more ugly.

  • Hair Salon Kids Hair Salon Kids

    Turn your little makeover hair salon into a large empire for kids. Buy new items for you shop. Serve as many customers as you can each day.

  • Baby Angela Playing Piano Baby Angela Playing Piano

    Beby Angela is preparing to learn to play the piano, which is why you will have to be with her and learn with Angela to play the piano. First you have to try piano keys, to see exactly where musical notes are, then try to play increasingly better every song that you consider. Learn to play new and a

  • Design  Your  Frozen Bag Design Your Frozen Bag

    Girls, how much do you love Frozen? I am sure you love it a lot and now you will get the chance to design a Frozen inspired bag. This DIY project is amazing because you can choose specific colors, patterns and stickers and create a unique bag. Start the game called Design Your Frozen Bag and choose

  • Barbie Pool Party Cleaning Barbie Pool Party Cleaning

    These days Barbie is very busy in the church. She is the leading violinist at church. Tomorrow onwards she will have more time to spend with her friends. Share the happiness of Barbie. Her brother Joseph won the medal for this academic year. So the William the father of Barbie is going to throw a pa

  • Make Glass Slipper Make Glass Slipper

    Any girl who has watched the movie Cinderella must envy Cinderella's glass slipper and wants to own one pair too. This game can help you realise your dream. You can design and make your own glass slipper. Let's see who can make the most beautiful glass slipper! Have fun!

  • Elsa Eye Treatment Elsa Eye Treatment

    Elsa has read too many books and right now she doesn't see well. She is sad, but also happy because she might look great with glasses. Play this game and join her at the eye clinic, help the doctors to perform a few vision tests over her eyes and at the end if it is required, choose the most beautif

  • Sofia Cooking Cake Batter Ice Cream Sofia Cooking Cake Batter Ice Cream

    Today is a graduation day for Caroline. She is the topper in the class. The parents of the girl are almost speechless. The professors of the girl were almost eulogized the candidate for her hard work and for her perseverance throughout the years. Therefore, the siblings of the Sofia have arranged fo

  • Dora Sibling Care Dora Sibling Care

  • Monster Truck Wash And Repair Monster Truck Wash And Repair

    Monster Truck Wash and Repair is a simple but funny game dedicated to all the monster truck fans! The show is about to begin and the monster trucks has to look awesome. Featuring incredibly detailed monster trucks this game invites you to take care of your favorite monster truck and get it ready for

  • New Spa Salon New Spa Salon

    Get ready to look like a queen and benefit from the latest state of the art makeover procedures in the New Spa Saloon.At the beginning we will start with an invigorating massage with moisturizing and detoxifying creams made from spring herbs and flowers.After the massage it is time to apply a facial

  • Pou Girl Bathing? Pou Girl Bathing?

    It is cleaning time in this Pou girl bathing game and you will be there to help the cutie pie go through all the steps that a nice warm bath requires. Soaping, rinsing and a few water games are in order.

Top Games
  • Mall Madness Mall Madness

    Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are hanging out at the mall. Help them have an awesome day of fashion and fun by heading into each of the stores to play the mini games!

  • Princess Juliet Castle Party Princess Juliet Castle Party

    Something magical happened and cute Baby Juliet transformed in a beautiful princess. Princess Juliet has also some new friends that will help her in her new adventure. A big party will take place at the castle and Juliet needs to get ready. Let us help her catch her cats so they don t ruin her party

  • Angela Surgery Angela Surgery

    Angela has suffered a terrible accident and she has a big cut and several bruises on her face.The severe wounds in Angela face require a really skilled doctor to perform this delicate surgery.Can you prove that you deserve your title of the best surgeon ?First use the mask to put Angela to sleep. Ne

  • Hollywood Red Carpet Makeover Hollywood Red Carpet Makeover

    Red carpet ceremony is nearing and the girl wants to look gorgeous and amazing on that occasion. Do the best makeover and stunning dressup for the girl to present herself more fashionably elegant

  • Emo Mulan Dress up Emo Mulan Dress up

    : Mulan is the princess of China. Mulan is the eighth member of the Disney Princesses. in this nice dress up game you can dress up princess Mulan with emo style princess clothes.

  • Merida Brave Skin Treatment Merida Brave Skin Treatment

    Princess Merida is the headstrong and free-spirited 16-year old tomboyish, willful daughter of Queen Elinor who rules the kingdom alongside her husband, King Fergus. Merida is an impetuous girl who wants to take control of her own destiny. Merida has honed her skill in archery, and is one of the m

  • Princess Hair Styler Princess Hair Styler

    Have you ever met a modern princess? Well you have the chance to meet her today! And more than that! You will have the unique chance to have a modern princess as a client at your hairstyling salon. Wow! That sounds really cool, isn't it? Well, dear, it' time to get ready to prove what a great hairst

  • My Puppy House My Puppy House

    Adopt and play fetch with your new puppy are fun. But not as fun as building your own dog house. Measure, saw, build, and decorate the dog house as you like. Don't forget to give the puppy food and drink after the busy day!

  • Egyptian Model Dress Up Egyptian Model Dress Up

    The model has a party tonight, she is confused about what to wear for tonight. Select the best dress and accessories to wear for the party. Everyone should be stunned by her dressing. Help her.

  • Cinderella's New Hairstyle Cinderella's New Hairstyle

    Look who is here, girls! It' princess Cinderella herself and she wants to get a modern look at your fabulous hair salon! So what are you waiting for! Enter our challenging game and get ready to prove your hairstyling skills once again! wash Cinderella' hair first, then dry it, style it and color it.

  • Monster High New Friends Monster High New Friends

    Monster High School is growing increasingly popular and welcomes new students almost every semester. This semester the new students are Lorna McNessie from Scotland and Marisol Coxi from South America. Marisol is a daughter of the Big Foot and, being loud and giant in size, has difficulties in findi

  • Princess Skin Doctor Princess Skin Doctor

    Oh, no! What happened to our princess face? We think that an evil witch casted a spell that made her skin look so awful. She certainly made this because she doesn' want our princess to marry the handsome prince that is going to visit her today. Let' do something for the poor princess and make her lo

  • Stylish Red Carpet Dress up Stylish Red Carpet Dress up

    Help the stylish girl to get ready for the red carpet on today. She has many dresses and accessories in her wardrobe, but, she is confused. So, she needs your help to dress up and make her look good.

  • Anna Vampire Resurrection Anna Vampire Resurrection

    Anna was bitten by a vampire and turned into a monster. Now she feel the need to feed on blood, shes face is of zombies and can not stand sunlight. Her only salvation is you! Follow the instructions in the game and help her treat the wounds and prepare magic potion to bring Anna to life. Be careful,

  • Snow White Love Story Snow White Love Story

    Snow White is finally with her prince charming and they want to kiss but they need to pay attention not to be caught by the two dwarfs Dopey or Grumpy. If you fill the heart true love will conquer and the "Happily Ever After" will await you.

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