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Featured Games
  • Cute Baby Cold Doctor Cute Baby Cold Doctor

    Cool autumn weather is very comfortable ,and it鈥檚 very fit for any outdoor activity .Shelly often takes her cute baby go to park or children鈥檚 playground .And the baby always feeling very happy there . Today ,a new children鈥檚 park open to the public ,so Shelly drive her family to there

  • Doctor Frozen Elsa Hand Doctor Frozen Elsa Hand

    Each coin has two sides, and to have magic power is no exception. The Elsa princess's magic not only can cover the whole world with silver snow, bring people happiness and win people's respect, but it can also create disasters to the world, turn Elsa princess into a frightening figure and call on pe

  • Frozen Anna give birth a baby Frozen Anna give birth a baby

    Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring .All of the people are very happy and they are looking forward to baby coming to the world .Now ten months had elapsed ,It鈥檚 time to give birth to a baby .Anna needs a very experienced obstetrician gynecologist to help her deliver her baby .I k

  • Little Baby Care 2 Little Baby Care 2

    Look at the cute baby ,She is crying loudly in the Baby Games .Can take care of her ? Making her happy and dress up her .First ,Change her diapers ;Puting the diaper in the trash and wiping her ass .Second ,you should rubbed him with baby oil and dusted her all over with talcum powder . Don't forget

  • Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom

    Girls , Are you helpful at home ? Can you do the dishes ? Can you sweep the floor ? Some girls say "yes , I can ." but most of girls can鈥檛 do housework .Because your mother always doing all the housework by herself . But when your mother don鈥檛 have time to do the housework , can you help her

  • Elsa Halloween Emergency Elsa Halloween Emergency

    Queen Elsa was getting ready for the Halloween party when something went wrong. Someone tried to scare her but in stead he managed to hurt her badly. You have to do what ever you can to heal Elsa. Follow the steps and use the hints to make Elsa healthy. Remove the knife, clean the wound and bandage

  • Sofia Head Injury Sofia Head Injury

    There was a small accident at the castle and Princess Sofia needs medical assistance. You are the doctor that will help Sofia heal her head injury. Use all the medical tool that you have at your disposal and make Sofia feel better. Good luck with this operation.

  • Elsa Halloween Cake Elsa Halloween Cake

    Halloween is an important holiday in the land of ice, Arandalle. As can impress everyone, Elsa, Ice Princess, after he decorated the entire castle sw has decided to make the most scary cake. In this game you will learn the secret of decorating, a cake terrifying. Have a scary friday!

New Games
  • Baby Juliet Pizza Baby Juliet Pizza

    Baby Juliet saw her mom cooking in the kitchen. Now she wants to try out her cooking skills and she decided to try and make a pizza. Let us help Baby Juliet make the most delicious meal you have ever tasted. Follow the instructions and use the exact ingredients from the recipe to make sure the dough

  • CF Golden Gun Violent Block 2 CF Golden Gun Violent Block 2

    Play as marksman in CF Golden Gun Violent Block 2. Shoot with accuracy and speed to kill all opponents in each level.

  • Talking Tom Cooking Halloween Cake‏ Talking Tom Cooking Halloween Cake‏

    Talking Tom will be helping you in this new Halloween cooking game where you will learn how to bake a very delicious cake. Follow his instructions and he will show you around in the kitchen.

  • Baby Elsa Great Makeover‏ Baby Elsa Great Makeover‏

    Help the cute girl from Frozen in this baby Elsa makeover game as she wants a new look that will fit her for the next season which will be rather chilli, just the way she likes it.

  • Halloween Pet Care Halloween Pet Care

    A pet was injured by a car on the way to the Halloween party. He wants to attend the party, but doesn't have anyone to care him so could you please help him? Finally select a nice costume for the Halloween party.

  • Pou Karting Pou Karting

    Pou participates in a karting racing,however the alien always disturbs him,luckily as one of Pou鈥檚 friend, you will help him to across the finish line,won鈥檛 you?

  • Jimmy at the doctor Jimmy at the doctor

    Jimmy, a little boy has an accident and now is very scared about his recuperation. He is at hospital waiting for your attention to take care of him. Your mission in this doctor game is to help Jimmy feel better as quickly as possible before he starts crying, considering that is a little boy and is v

  • Elsas Halloween Love Date Elsas Halloween Love Date

    Wow! It's going to be a really freezy Halloween! Elsa Frozen is going on a date with Jack Frost. The boy with the spirit of snow and winter, wouldn't he be a perfect match for Elsa? Help her to look spooky beautiful today!

  • Calimero Eye Care Calimero Eye Care

    Oh, no! Calimero feel vision blurred, he came to the hospital, so he need a good doctor for eyes problems.Definitely you want to help Calimero. Now you have the opportunity to prove that you are a true friend and, why not, a good doctor for him.Start the examination with several important tests such

  • Princess Bride Wedding Salon Princess Bride Wedding Salon

    Today is the most important day in this cute girl' life. She is going to get married with the man of her dreams, she is going to be a bride and she wants to be the most beautiful bride ever. For that, our girl is going to need the help of a talented beautician like you! Be there for her and give her

  • Pony Spa Day Pony Spa Day

    This cute little girl will be happy forever if she gets a new pony for Christmas this year. Has always request transportation on all fours, but she did not want to have any gray mare, who want to find a strong and healthy horse can send an afternoon adventure Emergency!

  • Messy Doc Mcstuffins Messy Doc Mcstuffins

    Doc Mcstuffins played in the yard with her friends and got dirty,not she is very messy.Do you think you can clean her up and make her look beautiful again?Have fun playing this fun cleaning game featuring Doc Mcstuffins

  • Merida Wedding Dress up Merida Wedding Dress up

    Meet redhead princess Merida from Brave movie. Now she is going to mary with the prince she loves. Dress yup princes merida for her wedding.

  • Catrine Demew Hair and Facial Catrine Demew Hair and Facial

    Catrine Demew is a werecat and a student at Monster High Series. Catrine is one of the most anticipated releases in the Scaris line. She is an accomplished painter with a drive for perfection. Play latest monster high game and make up CAtrine Demew. You can also dress up her at t

  • Tom Wash Fire Truck Tom Wash Fire Truck

    It's fireman Tom's turn to be on duty this week! Tom needs to wash this fire truck which just finishes its task, and give it a completely new outlook. Have fun!

  • Messy Talking Tom Messy Talking Tom

    Talking Tom decided to chase some birds inside the forest and he managed to get extremely dirty. He is covered in mud spots and has branches and dust in his fur. Let us help Tom get clean. Use the cleaning tools in the right order and make Top spotless. Make sure you undress him and clean his fur wi

  • Toilet cleaning Toilet cleaning

    Hey kids! Do you like cleaning games? You've landed in the right place. I am very busy person and I don't have time to cleaning my house, so, I need your help. Your job is to clean my bathroom, especially the pink toilet. You need to use the disinfectant to eliminate germs, then wash the toilet with

  • Baby nap time Baby nap time

    In this new game you must take care of this cute baby. First step is to take her a bath. To do that, you must follow all steps in order. In the second stage, you must change her diaper because is full of dirt.

  • Sofia The First Halloween Makeover Sofia The First Halloween Makeover

    Princess Sofia the First is in a happy mood because Halloween around the corner. She is planning to throw a big bash on the eve of Halloween to all the royalties at the castle. Sofia must be in her best look at the party and hence, she requires the help of a skilled beautician like you to get ready

  • Diego Shopping Diego Shopping

    Diego is planning party for halloween outside. He needs to prepare everything: sandwich, juice, fruits, dresses... Let's go the supermarket with him and choose the right things. Enjoy this fun game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.

  • Nurse Elsa Nurse Elsa

    Jack Frost is very sick. He got flu and needs medical treatment to be healthy again. Luckily Elsa is his nurse and she take good care of Jack Frost, giving him pills, hot tea or making an injection. At the end Jack is healthy and happy !

  • Halloween Extreme Makeover Halloween Extreme Makeover

    Jenna is going to the best Halloween party in town and she wants to win the best prize for her costume, make up and hairstyle. To create the costume she is willing to try different make up in spooky colors and styles, fun dresses with many details and amazing hairstyles. Play our great new CuteZee e

  • Dogs Party Dogs Party

    How to Play ? : Kimo, loves spending time with her friends. Who saw her cute friends are very happy with it. Decided to make a little bit to go on a tour with their care. Kimo hero, took off their clothes wardrobe and colorful outfits you chose. Picturesque lush green meadows of spring, colorful clo

  • Zoe Witch at Spa Zoe Witch at Spa

    Here is a Halloween spa opened especially for witch. One day Witch Zoe goes to Halloween spa to get a relaxing massage. Give your best massage or else she will get angry on you. So give your best and don鈥檛 make her angry. Have fun!!

  • Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2 Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2

    The adventure continue for Ben 10 and his partner to bring back the peace to the world.They will across from place to place to elimates the enemy force. Use ben 10 and his parter special ability to pass traps and kill the enemy. Bring both of them to the exit portal in order to go to the next level.

Top Games
  • Spongebob And Patrick Adventure Spongebob And Patrick Adventure

    Help Spongebob And Patrick to collect all their food. The Spongebob collects Crab package and Patrick collects Fried Coral. Afte collecting all their food, you need to help them to arrive in the corresponding pipe outlet to escape.

  • iCarly Dentist iCarly Dentist

    iCarly has not been taking good care of her teeth. She need you to be a dentist today.

  • Minnie Mouse Ear Doctor Minnie Mouse Ear Doctor

    Minnie Mouse is at Ear Doctor and you have to help her with her problems. This needs medical help she have an ear infection. The goal is to help Minnie get well, without any ear problems. It's not as easy as it sounds because you have to work very hard and give evidence of much skill and insight. In

  • Baby Juliet At The Dentist Baby Juliet At The Dentist

    Have you met baby Juliet? Well, she's the sweetest baby in the world, but right now she is in a lot of pain. She has her teeth decayed and she has to see a dentist immediately, because this issue might get worst, so would you like to be there for her? She needs a friend right now and she's asking yo

  • Barbie Foot Doctor Barbie Foot Doctor

    In this game Barbie had an accident that will be needing a foot surgery. Your goal is to help Barbie take a step closer to safety and recovery. Use your tools to examine, clean, heal and make her leg look pretty again. Now you can prove that you're a good doctor for our friend, Barbie! Good luck!

  • Princess Sofia Makeover Princess Sofia Makeover

    Princess Sophia the First is set to look like a real princess, help to make real change an image to show its beauty! Just see what fits you best and Sofia is ready to learn to behave like royalty all the princesses legendary.

  • Elsa Eye Care Elsa Eye Care

    Elsa feel vision blurred, she came to the hospital, so she need a good doctor for eyes problems. Today you get the chance to make your dream ofbecoming an eye doctor come true and run several important tests on ourfriend, Elsa.Start the examination with several important tests such asshort and dist

  • SOFIA The First Foot Doctor SOFIA The First Foot Doctor

    Sofia The First has her leg broken after the carriage was overturned by thieves. Soldiers of King brought her to the castle to be treated by Dr. Royal. In those days, medicine was not so advanced and the infection can kill and Sofia needs your help and your experience in treating infections. Make So

  • Kids Cycle Repair Kids Cycle Repair

    Help the kid to apply rust oil and clean it, repair the cycle, change the broken parts and finally color the cycle with nice and attractive color. Let the kid have a wonderful ride.

  • Baby Monster Great Manicure‏ Baby Monster Great Manicure‏

    Make some awesome nails for your customer in this baby monster great manicure game and try to create something unique so that when they come the next time around, they will be expecting great results.

  • Messy Dora Messy Dora

    Hey kids! Today we have to help Dora get clean. She played with her friends and managed to slip into big hole filled with branches,leaves, little rocks and a lot of mud. You can imagine she is very messy. Let us use the tools in the right order and make Dora and her clothes clean again. Do not forge

  • Delicious Baby-Food Plating Delicious Baby-Food Plating

    Our baby is really hungry this morning, so let' prepare a delicious breakfast for him! Pick up his favorite foods from all those tasty ones available and arrange them on the plate in a creative and funny way. The baby should love not only the tasty of the food, but also the way it looks. So, dear ma

  • Baby Alice Birthday Party Baby Alice Birthday Party

    Baby Alice's birthday is today! Help her decor her room, cake, and make best birthday party ever for her!

  • Sofia The  First Dentist Sofia The First Dentist

    Sofia The First having problems with her teeth after eating too many sweets royal. King Roland II of the kingdom of enchance dentist sent her kingdom to be treated accordingly. In this great game you will learn the secrets of modern dentistry, namely that teeth be cleaned, treated caries and repla

  • Sofia Laundry Time Sofia Laundry Time

    Sofia and her kitty play outsite but suddenly it rains, let鈥檚 help Sofia to wash and dry laundry!

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