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  • Cute baby girl spring outing Cute baby girl spring outing

    Candy is a very cute girl.She is very love flowers,fish and birds.So every spring,her parents will take her to suburban scenic spot and play all day.But Candy is 6-years-old girl this year,so her parents give her a chance to go there by herself and bought her a new set of fishing tackle.She is very

  • Apple jack pony feet doctor Apple jack pony feet doctor

    Today is Apple Jack birthday,so she can invite her friends to her home and have a big party. She is waiting for her friends in the park and guiding them to the party. When she looks her friends coming,she is very happy and runs quickly to give them a big hug. But she crashes on the tree. And the tre

  • Monster High Draculaura Foot Doctor Monster High Draculaura Foot Doctor

    As we all know the students in the Monster High school are very good at using their magics.But sometimes magics can’t protect them from getting harm.Especially to Draculaura,she often forgets to use magic when she stays with her boyfriend.But every time her boyfriend can protect her from harm.She

  • Little Princess Sofia Washing Clothes Little Princess Sofia Washing Clothes

    Girls,spring is coming,we do not need wear thick clothes .We can wear the newest style of spring clothes for school .But the clothes spot easily ,so girls you need clean them daily .Today little princess Sofia will wash her clothes ,she is very good at doing housework . Girls ,did you ever wash clot

  • Anime Beauty Spa Anime Beauty Spa

    Many anime beauty, this is a anime beauty Anna, she is very beautiful and we can give this girl a skin care,skin is very important for girl's beautiful Let the girl lying in the bath tub,put the bath salts in the water, etc., follow the prompts to complete the care, let the girl's skin moist and ela

  • Pregnanat Cleo De Nile Baby Birth Pregnanat Cleo De Nile Baby Birth

    Cleo de Nile is very happy because she is close to giving birth to her baby. Help her pack some items for the baby and join her to the hospital. Make the necessary tests using the medical tools and see if Cleo and her baby are healthy. Once the baby is born, take good care of him and put him in his

  • Frozen Elsa washing clothes for Anna Frozen Elsa washing clothes for Anna

    Girls,we have a new girl games for you ,which you can learn how to wash clothes with Anna and Elsa .You know ,Anna is very active .She likes all kinds of new games .When she plays games ,she even forgets she is a princess .So her clothes always dirty ,but she can't wash clothes and she usually asks

  • Pregnant Rapunzel School Teacher Pregnant Rapunzel School Teacher

    Rapunzel is pregnant and she needs your help to teach the kids their lessons, because she is a school teacher. But she can barely move because of her pregnancy, so will you help her? Teach the kids to do additions and subtractions and if they will succeed, you can help them to solve a funny quiz whe

New Games
  • Elsa Tailor‏ Elsa Tailor‏

    Use your imagination in this Elsa tailor game as both of you will need to come up with some cute pieces of clothing. There will be plenty of materials and tools to work with so get right to it.

  • Egyptian Model Dress Up Egyptian Model Dress Up

    The model has a party tonight, she is confused about what to wear for tonight. Select the best dress and accessories to wear for the party. Everyone should be stunned by her dressing. Help her.

  • Princess Hand Doctor Princess Hand Doctor

    These princesses have their hand wounded bad from playing outside and tonight there is a ballroom party. Help them mend their wounds and give them nice nail decorations and accessories fit for the ballroom party tonight.

  • Elsa and Jack Become Parents Elsa and Jack Become Parents

    Great news from Arendelle! Elsa is going to become a mommy! Her husband, Jack Frost, is so happy about it. Do some shopping with our adorable married couple and make shure they will become the most beautiful parents in the whole kingdom!

  • Nelly's Perfect Baby Nelly's Perfect Baby

    The amazing Nelly is pregnant with her first baby. She is very excited and it will be a joy to hold her baby in her arms. Before the birth, she needs to go to the hospital for a prenatal check up. . In Nelly's Perfect Baby you can now help her collect diapers for the baby and you will need to navig

  • Rapunzel Wedding Makeup Rapunzel Wedding Makeup

    Everything is ready for Rapunzel's wedding. Everything and everyone except Rapunzel herself! She still can't decide what style should she choose. So, it's time for you to show your best! Step by step, create her amazing wedding make up.

  • Dora Hand Doctor‏ Dora Hand Doctor‏

    Enjoy the spring break with this new Dora hand doctor game as she will too once she is all patched and healing. Use the tools in order to complete the procedures that will fix her hand up.

  • Salsa Chicken Rice Salsa Chicken Rice

    In this cooking game for girls you will learn how to cook an easy but very satisfying meal, easy made with ingredients found in the pantry.Put the rice in water and boil it. Meanwhile cook the chicken then add chicken and mushroom soup. Mix all ingredients and put them in a hot oven for 30 minutes.D

  • Talking Tom Flu Doctor Talking Tom Flu Doctor

    Talking Tom has been playing with his friends all day long, even if outside was raining and right now he got flu. He needs to receive medical assistance, so why don't you help him? Check his temperature, his pulse and make sure that after that, Tom will get the best medical treatment, so he can feel

  • Pregnant Ariel Injured Pregnant Ariel Injured

    Ariel is pregnant, and you must help her because it is injured and wounded all over his body. First you will have to use the medicine cabinet underwater objects from stethoscope, injections, ice bag, tweezers will have to take the thorns that have entered Ariel skin so it does not sting the baby tha

  • Easter Egg Decoration Easter Egg Decoration

    Penny is getting ready to decorate eggs for Easter! Help her find all the items she needs, dye the eggs, and then decorate them however you like!

  • Sofia Nose Bleeding Sofia Nose Bleeding

    Sofia is playing with her friend monkey. Suddenly, the monkey jumped on her face. Sofia feels very hurt and her nose is bleeding. She need treatment now. Can you help her and use the doctor tools to heal and clean her nose? Now be a real nose doctor and have fun!

  • Rapunzel Hungry Pet Rapunzel Hungry Pet

    Rapunzel, as we all know, is a kind hearted princess. She has a pet whose name is Pascal. The pet is not feeling well as it didn’t take a walk in the garden for the past one week. The princess didn’t go to the garden because her father asked her not to go. Now that, her mom has asked her to take

  • Spaghetti And Meatballs Spaghetti And Meatballs

    Welcome to an awesome cooking demonstration! We all love to eat pasta, specially spaghetti and my favorites are spaghetti with meatballs so in this cooking game I will show you how to prepare this special Italian recipe.Just follow the instructions and get ready to be a Master Chef in your own kitch

  • Princess Anna Beach Spa Princess Anna Beach Spa

    Princess Anna Beach Spa is a new facial makeover game for girls to play online. Frozen princess Anna feels very tired and it has taken its toll on her skin. Therefore, Anna has hit the beach spa salon to relax and regain her beauty. Spoil Anna with different skin care treatments to revive her facial

  • Pregnant Angela Maternity Deco Pregnant Angela Maternity Deco

    Help Tom and Angela decorate the baby kittens room in a new and exciting game! Choose from cute and colorful types of furniture. Change the bed, the curtains or the gifts and create the perfect environment for the lovely newborn kitties.

  • Angela Vampire Dentist Angela Vampire Dentist

    Hey Girls, Talking Angela turned into a bloodthirsty vampire. Our mission is to treat damaged teeth, then help to prepare the magic potion that will transform Angela in the character loved by children. Have fun in this vampire dentist game!

  • Escape From Flat Livingroom Escape From Flat Livingroom

    This is another great escape games developed by YoopyGames. The game goal is to Escape from the Flat Livingroom by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Flat Li

  • Minnie Mouse Cupcakes‏ Minnie Mouse Cupcakes‏

    We have a great new dessert recipe for you, which I am sure you will adore. This great recipe is called Minnie Mouse Cupcakes and you will need many great ingredients to cook it. In Minnie Mouse Cupcakes you can make the ears from black fondant and cut it into round shapes. Place the two ears on eac

  • Elsa At The Circus‏ Elsa At The Circus‏

    Have a great day in this Elsa circus game where you two will have plenty of fun stuff to do. Eat some sweets and learn how to juggle while you wait in line for the pony ride.

  • Best Burger Chef Best Burger Chef

    Nina is opening her first burger cafe and needs helping preparing her top dish, the cheese burger. Help her pick the tools and cook a delicious Burger for her new cafe customers!

  • Monster High New Friends Monster High New Friends

    Monster High School is growing increasingly popular and welcomes new students almost every semester. This semester the new students are Lorna McNessie from Scotland and Marisol Coxi from South America. Marisol is a daughter of the Big Foot and, being loud and giant in size, has difficulties in findi

  • Barbie Messy Bathroom Cleaning Barbie Messy Bathroom Cleaning

    Anna is the ardent fan of Barbie. She has a big room in which one can witness all the latest pretty dolls of Barbie. She has named the room as Barbie. She would even comb her hair that of Barbie. If she is given a chance to act in a play, she would exactly imitate Barbie. Tomorrow summer holiday beg

  • Saturday Night Makeover Saturday Night Makeover

    It’s Saturday Night!For a teenager that means that it’s party night and but from Christina is a very special night because she is preparing for a dinner date with his boyfriend.She is very happy because she may be get proposed.As you know, when a girl plans a night out, it takes intricate planni

  • Bathroom Cleaning Game Bathroom Cleaning Game

    The bathroom needs a spring cleaning now. it is quite messy. You have to clean a messy bathroom. you will take finish cleaning of the house after you clean the bathroom. play cleaning game and clean up bathroom and make it shining again. Have Fun!

Top Games
  • Princess Skin Doctor Princess Skin Doctor

    Oh, no! What happened to our princess face? We think that an evil witch casted a spell that made her skin look so awful. She certainly made this because she doesn' want our princess to marry the handsome prince that is going to visit her today. Let' do something for the poor princess and make her lo

  • Stylish Red Carpet Dress up Stylish Red Carpet Dress up

    Help the stylish girl to get ready for the red carpet on today. She has many dresses and accessories in her wardrobe, but, she is confused. So, she needs your help to dress up and make her look good.

  • Anna Vampire Resurrection Anna Vampire Resurrection

    Anna was bitten by a vampire and turned into a monster. Now she feel the need to feed on blood, shes face is of zombies and can not stand sunlight. Her only salvation is you! Follow the instructions in the game and help her treat the wounds and prepare magic potion to bring Anna to life. Be careful,

  • Snow White Love Story Snow White Love Story

    Snow White is finally with her prince charming and they want to kiss but they need to pay attention not to be caught by the two dwarfs Dopey or Grumpy. If you fill the heart true love will conquer and the "Happily Ever After" will await you.

  • Mimi Massage Mimi Massage

    Massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing. if someone is tired or hurt , she or he can goto a massage center. In latest game cute model Mimi is so tired. So she goes to a massage center and you are her massage therapist. Play this lovely game and relax

  • Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco

    Rapunzel is pregnant and she is thinking to decorate a room for her unborn baby. She will give life to a beautiful baby girl or boy in a few days, so she has to prepare the baby's bedroom. Play this game and choose a pretty crib for the baby and nice furniture, so the baby can enjoy living there. Ha

  • Nurse Kid Care Nurse Kid Care

    Linda is a trainee nurse at a hospital. She wants to be a full-time nurse. But for that, she must through a test which she must cure 4 patients. Help Linda cure her 4 patients and make her a true Nurse!

  • Puppy Makeover Puppy Makeover

    This shih tzu puppy was brought to you to have some stylish makeover. Now groom that puppy, play, pet, cut his fur and give some amazing makeover to make him look more fabulous than ever!

  • Elsa Pony Caring Elsa Pony Caring

    Start having some fun in this Elsa pony care game where you will learn how to take care of any animal. In this case it will be a small horsey that loves to run and eat apples from your hand.

  • Frozen Anna Pregnant Shopping Frozen Anna Pregnant Shopping

    Anna is pregnant and she must wardrobe more frequently than before.You can join Anna at shopping and help her buy some beautiful dresses and jewelries.Have fun shopping with Anna.

  • Baby ELsa Flower Care Baby ELsa Flower Care

    Baby Elsa thought to make his girlfriend, which is why five seeds planted flower in a flowerpot. On the first day of the sunrise already one of the most beautiful flowers baby who had a bottle in his mouth, which Elsa thought to sprinkle water to give him to eat so the 2nd day grew larger. You will

  • Doggy Becomes Mommy Doggy Becomes Mommy

    Our cute Doggy is going to give birth really soon! Everybody’s waiting for little pretty puppy. Let's get help Doggy in packing things for the hospital, bearing a daughter and taking care of her. Mommy Doggy is waiting for your assistance!

  • Baby Juliet winter sport Baby Juliet winter sport

    Today Baby Juliet has decided to go the mountain for the holiday. She is very excited to go ski and ice skating and have a Slade ride. Join Juliet and complete all the fun activities and tasks. Help her choose a pair of skates and a costume, find the right ski equipment for Juliet and make sure she

  • Baby Alice Farm Life Baby Alice Farm Life

    When Alice visited her Grandma at her farm, she found out that Grandma just had a little accident. Clara, cousin to Alice, has to do all farm courses by herself. Seeing that, Alice was sad and want to help Clara. Can you help them to do all farm courses and live a farm life?

  • My Pet Doctor - Puppy Care My Pet Doctor - Puppy Care

    Oh, no! It seems that this adorable little puppy is really sick! Save and adopt him right away and take your cute little pet to the doctor! Give a helping hand on treating him, than take him in the bathroom and wash the puppy with special products. In the end, give your new pet a special look by dre

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