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  • Smart Girl Fold Paper Cranes Smart Girl Fold Paper Cranes

    There is a smart girl in our brand new game. She likes folding paper cranes very much. Come to join this excellent game and learn from the girl the methods of folding paper cranes. Choose one kind of color paper that you like. Follow our instructions to fold the paper steps by steps carefully. Do n

  • Chinese Princess 2 Chinese Princess 2

    Tang Dynasty fashion is more and more popular nowadays. Join in our brand new dress up game and help this beautiful girl dress up with Tang Dynasty dresses. Firstly, come to help the girl make up with our given cosmetics. Choose the suitable eye brow shapes and eye shadow colors. Try your best to ma

  • Mermaid Gives Birth Twins Mermaid Gives Birth Twins

    Our beautiful mermaid will give birth to twins today. Come to join us and help to look after her. Help her clean hair and face firstly and let her eat some bread and chocolates to add energy. She can be successfully to give birth to her lovely twins. After giving birth, you need to help the two babi

  • Chinese Princess Hair Design Chinese Princess Hair Design

    Today in our excellent hair design game, you will have the change to design one nice ancient hairstyle for our beautiful Chinese princess. Come to help her choose one type of attractive hairstyle. Then use our given tools to design her hair step by step. Comb her hair to make it smooth and use the h

  • Elsa Become Rapunzel Elsa Become Rapunzel

    Elsa has one dream to become beautiful Rapunzel and live in the castle with her beloved prince. Come to join in our brand new game and help Elsa realize her dream. You need to use the given liquid medicine to change Elsa’s eyes colors. Then come to use the materials to make magical medicine and le

  • Anna Doctor Trolls Anna Doctor Trolls

    Anna and her friend Trolls has a nice skiing today but suddenly Trolls falls from the cliff and broken himself seriously. Play the role of doctor to help Anna cure Trolls carefully. you need to find every part of Trolls one by one and then assemble his body, arms and legs to a whole parts. You need

  • Elsa Fashion Cover Elsa Fashion Cover

    Beautiful Elsa has become the cover girl of one famous magazine. Try your best to help her make up beautifully by using our given cosmetics. Choose the suitable eye shadow color and eye brow shapes for her. Make her facial as attractive as you can. Then you can help the girl dress up with beautiful

  • Cinderella Lost In New York Cinderella Lost In New York

    Play Cinderella Lost In New York and make sure this princess survives the urban jungle with a very chic modern look! As we all know, Cinderella has a very evil step-mother who is threatened by Cinderella's beauty and charming personality. Her daughters are definitely not up to par with her. So she h

New Games
  • Red Riding Hood And Snow White Hollywood Divas Red Riding Hood And Snow White Hollywood Divas

    Put your artistic sense on work in one of this dress up game where you are going to be a personal shopping assistance for two Disney princesses. A big event is coming in Hollywood where they are special guests that is why they need a new outfit. Either you will choose Red Ridding Hood or Snow Whit

  • Belle's Secret Crush Belle's Secret Crush

    The great girls of Disney have decided that Belle needs a makeover. She is spending too much time in the library and she can't win the heart of the boy she likes the way she looks now. Help her look super cute and amazing in the new game called Belle's Secret Crush! A good idea is to start with a fa

  • Baby Lessons With Fluttershy Baby Lessons With Fluttershy

    Hey girls! The amazing pony needs your help with her beautiful daughter. Can you be her teacher and help her? Don't waste time and join the cute pony in a very fun game called Baby Lessons With Fluttershy! Pony mom loves spending time having lessons with her daughter. In this game, you need to help

  • Cinderella's Glittery Skirt Cinderella's Glittery Skirt

    Cinderella is a huge fashionista and she loves to keep up with all of the latest trends. She is always on the lookout for the most fashionable items and recently, while browsing Pinterest, she has discovered just how amazing glittery skirts are. She would love to own one but she just couldn' find th

  • Princess Synchronized Swimming Princess Synchronized Swimming

    Synchronised swimming is a relatively new discipline that has its origins in water acrobatics. It’s a super feminine and the girls performing it have a lovely water sculpted body that’s surely one to kill for… not to mention that watching the water acrobatics is such a delight. Well ladies, in

  • Superhero Dress Contest Superhero Dress Contest

    Being a superhero never gets old, but if you want to capture criminals with style you have to renew your outfit from time to time. Super Ariel and Lady Bug need a professional advice in this sense because they are going to shopping with you to help them in this girl game. Choose a suitable costume a

  • Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge

    Barbie and her boyfriend Ken have entered into a little friendly competition in our brand new game called Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge. They are both huge fans of Disneyland and they love to visit it every time they have a chance to. They both think that they know the most about that magical p

  • Disney Princesses Rock Stars Disney Princesses Rock Stars

    Princesses want to rock! Girls, hurry up if you want to see the best rock concert in your life! Disney Princesses' Rock Band start to show right now and you have a chance to help Elsa, Ariel and Rapunzel to perform the first show! Choose the most trendy clothes for each princess to create the unique

  • Cooking Mini Tortilla Taco Cooking Mini Tortilla Taco

    A traditional Mexican dish that can be made with a variety of fillings including beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and cheese; it goes wonderfully with salsa or chili pepper, avocado or guacamole, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Yum! Easy to fill, hold, and eat, these Mini Soft Tortilla can be fun, fast

  • Princesses BFFs with Villains Princesses BFFs with Villains

    Evil witches exist only in fairytales! Did you know that in real life many princesses are BFFs with their antagonist villains? Yes, it’s true! Real Ursula is a good friend of Ariel and so are real Gothel and Rapunzel. Ursula and Ariel love spending time at the seaside together, and Gothel and Rapu

  • Princess Golf Models Princess Golf Models

    Today you have been invited for a party the famous princesses Elsa, Anna and Snow white will be present for the party. You will be permitted only if you decorate the place in a grand manner. Adorn the place using the decorative things available. The golf models will be very much excited if you adorn

  • Barbie Pokemon Go Costumes Barbie Pokemon Go Costumes

    The great doll loves Pokemon. She has been using the latest phone app to catch all the great creatures and she is having so much fun. She needs to look like her favorite characters, so she will get inspiration from the app and choose new pants and shirt, jewels, hairstyle and makeup. Enjoy the new g

  • DIY Summer Short Jeans DIY Summer Short Jeans

    Experimenting with our wardrobe and repurposing our old clothes is always a good idea and it is an especially good one when you don't want to spend a fortune on fashionable clothes. Summer is a perfect time for doing DIY projects since we have more time on our hands. In our brand new game called DIY

  • Barbie New York Manicure Barbie New York Manicure

    Barbie is now in Newyork. She had lot of fun in this city. Finally, she have planned for a party with her new friends in Newyork. But, she is not ready for the party. Because, she wants to have a Newyork manicure for this party. Can you help her in having a perfect Newyork manicure for her hands? Do

  • Disney Teams Selfie Battle Disney Teams Selfie Battle

    Once you start it - you’ll never stop! That’s why Dressupmix selfie challenge is here again. And this time two Disney teams will battle to find out, who' going to get more likes and the title of the most stylish princess selfie! Brunette vs Blondie - one BFF’s against another - that’s going

  • My Little Pony News Room My Little Pony News Room

    Twilight Sparkle worked hard today and she still hasn´t finished all the task she had to do. She is quite tired and she could use some moments of relaxation. You need to help Twilight play some fun mini games and solve all the puzzles without getting caught by her coworkers. Enjoy your time with Tw

  • Pikachu Doctor And Dress up Pikachu Doctor And Dress up

    In his last battle our little Pikachu got hurt and he needs immediately nursing so he will be able to fight against evil pokemons. Help him to get better in this doctor game and make sure you give him all the care he will need, wash him, bandage him and cut his fur. The next step is to deal with his

  • Elisa Summer Time Elisa Summer Time

    Your favorite princess wants a new look for this summer, with colorful dresses and fancy accessories. Help her to change the royal dresses with something new .

  • Cooking Pig Burger Cooking Pig Burger

    Cooking pig burger Today is the birthday of Anna. So, Elsa the sister of Anna has planned to prepare delicious pig burger. You be with the girl and make the cooking easy. The girl has to decorate the place where the party is going to be held in the evening. Therefore try to complete preparing the bu

  • Famouse Blondes Fashion Show Famouse Blondes Fashion Show

    Beautiful Blonde will face off in a superb fashion show. Choose your favorite and give her the most beautiful outfit for summer. Have fun!

  • Which Disney Princess Is Which Disney Princess Is

    The newest Disney game with princess will provide you the entire princess clan like Ariel, Elena of Avalor, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna from Frozen, Snow White, Rapunzel, Princess Moana, Sofia the First and others. You will have to answer correctly to all these questions from this game to obtain a good s

  • Hot and Spicy Restaurant Hot and Spicy Restaurant

    Hi girls. Let's play a new amazing game where you will be a restaurant manager. Your job is to serve all customers as quickly as possible to earn a certain amount of money. You should to achieve the daily target and prove that you are a good manager. Keep in mind that all customers are always in a h

  • Princess Pokemon Go Princess Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go has been so popular that everyone talks about it. Including four of your favourite Disney Princesses have decided to give it a try and right now they are all getting ready for their very first hunt. And since they are going to stroll the city all day long, they could surely use your preci

  • Disney Princesses Summer Fest Disney Princesses Summer Fest

    Summer is here and we all know how important is to have fun while you still can, that is why Elsa and Aurora decided that they want to go to a festival together. The only thing that is in their way of happiness is an appropriate outfit for this kind of event which you are going to help them to cho

  • Princesses BFFs Night Princesses BFFs Night

    The girls are together as always and they want to have some fun tonight. They have come up with three fun challenges for each one of them to complete. Raven Queen has to dress up like a Disney princess, so browse through the closet and create an amazing outfit inspired by Elsa or Snow White. Then he

Top Games
  • Heal Dora Heal Dora

    Dora is a naughty girl. Today when she is riding her girl bike on the road, she hurts herself while riding the bike and now she is sitting on your chair with her jeans ragged by a nasty injury. It really hurts, so use your tools to heal her wounds and make sweet Dora smile again. Play the role of do

  • Riley Eye Doctor Riley Eye Doctor

    Our little friend Riley from Inside Out has some problems with her eyes and she needs your help. In this game you have treat Riley's eyes and at the and chose a beautiful frame. Follow the instruction of the game and have fun!

  • My Little Pony Halloween Fun My Little Pony Halloween Fun

    My Little Pony wants to have some fun for Halloween. Help him and take care of him !

  • Dora Beach Dressup Games Dora Beach Dressup Games

    This is the summer holidays, Dora goes to the beach for the sunshine with her best friend Diego, and she wants to have a beautiful swimsuit. In the game, you can choose your favorite clothes and hats for Dora. You can also show your design to your friends. Have fun!

  • My Christmas Tree My Christmas Tree

    Hi there! The girl is looking for Christmas tree. Come and help her choose one perfect tree that she like to and decorate this beautiful, gorgeous tree. There are tons of pink, purple, candy canes and other adorable ornaments to choose from. If you prefer a more traditional look, we have that too. S

  • Blueberry Pancakes Blueberry Pancakes

    Hi let learn how to cook a blueberry Pancakes, it is a very simple and a great way for you to learn.Play the game and see how blueberry Pancakes can be make following a simple recipe.Enjoy!

  • Grandparents Sushi Date Grandparents Sushi Date

    It is your grandmathers' birthday today and what surprise did you give her ?oh! I see , You find the most romantic restaurant and surprise them with vouchers in the morning. Your grandparents are now having a great time at the restaurant .thanks to you.

  • Street Skater Street Skater

    wow ,it's so cool for playing street skater .look, many of my friends are playing here.please dress up yourself and wear your skating shoes to join us .i believe we will have a good time .

  • Bright Make up Bright Make up

    Diva is an excellent actress. Today is very important for her to get ready for the Golden Globes, especially if you are a rising Hollywood star, an aspiring young actress, sure is a great challenge! Be this future red carpet Diva's make-up artist and come up with some attention-grabbing, magnetizing

  • Headmistress Bloodgood Dress up Headmistress Bloodgood Dress up

    Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is in charge of the students at Monster High. Like her name implies, she can take off her head whenever it pleases her. Bloodgood also teaches some of the classes at Monster High, like Trigular Calcometry 101, and is known for giving out tons of homework. She rides he

  • Heart Surgery Heart Surgery

    Our patient today is John. He was born with a weak heart, which causes him to get tired a lot faster than other kids in this age. If he was not treated well, his condition will be life threatening and even worse. So he need to do the heart surgery as soon as possible. Join in our brand new game and

  • Paper Doors Escape Paper Doors Escape

    Hello every kid, today we will introduce a brand new game for you. It is Paper Doors Escape. If you want to challenge your logical thinking ability, this game will be a very opportunity for you. You need to be careful in the game to find all the necessary item. Think about the connection between the

  • Chinese New Year Parade Chinese New Year Parade

    Chinese new year is the most important festival in China. Every year all the Chinese people will come back to their hometown to celebrate this Chinese traditional holiday with their family. They will have New Year's Eve Dinner together and have fireworks on the street happily together. Normally ever

  • Kids Bike Wash Kids Bike Wash

    Kimi is a boy who loves ride bicycles very much. Today he has just finished one bike racing game and now his bike is very dirty and ugly. However, her mother is not at home and he needs to wash the bike by himself. Come to help the little kid to wash the bike and mend a puncture by using our given t

  • Valentine's Day Special Spot the Difference Valentine's Day Special Spot the Difference

    With the coming of Valentine's Day, lots of activities has been held to celebrate this special day for lovers. What is your way to celebrate this festival? If you are confused, maybe you can come to play our brand new spot difference games with your lover. There are three levels in our game and you

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