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Featured Games
  • Fashion Shooter Fashion Shooter

    n most girls' mind, girls are always beautiful and cute. However, today in our brand new girl dress up game, you will have the opportunity to meet one fashion shooter girl. She is not only beautiful but also very cool. She can use guns and other martial tools to fight. It is really an amazing thing

  • Beautiful Ballet Girl Beautiful Ballet Girl

    This is the ballet, yes, ballet dancers are how beautiful and they are confident dance on the stage, that like a beautiful fairy. Look at this cute little girl, she is a ballet fan. Let's help her realize her desire, first help her with a beautiful dress, wow,you will find that she really danced

  • Beautiful Flower Fairy Beautiful Flower Fairy

    Spring is coming girls. Everything looks perfect. You will have the opportunity to see lots of beautiful flowers. Today in our brand new dress up girl game, you will meet this gorgeous flower fairy and help her pick the perfect outfit for an important ball. Take a look at her wardrobe and pick the c

  • Beauty Parlour Beauty Parlour

    Lots of girls like going to beauty parlour in their spare time. It is one way to relax for them. If you girls are also a beauty lover, come to our brand new makeover and hair game. Here you can fully enjoy the pleasure of beauty and make yourself as a fashion lady. In our beauty parlour we will firs

  • Put on My Bird Costume Put on My Bird Costume

    For a little girl putting on different kinds of costumes is very funny. Today she wants to have a try of bird costume because she wants to fly like the birds in the sky. Come to help this girl realize her dream. What a cute girl she will be! You can play with her by choosing the funniest bird costum

  • Stylish Dress Stylish Dress

    This beautiful lady is a famous dress designer and she wants you to join her on her quest for the perfect stylish dress outfit. She is about to have a Summer fitting session trying on gorgeous princess tops, over tops, skirts, shoes, jewels and hairstyles. Turn her into a glamorous lady, dressing he

  • Dancing Spring Girl Dancing Spring Girl

    Spring is coming. Lots of girls like to go to play outside because the sun is great and the weather is fine. It is also a good season for girls to dress up beautiful. The girl in our brand new dress up game is also a fashion lover. She wants to dance in such good Spring. So put your fashion skills t

  • Riding a Hobbyhorse Riding a Hobbyhorse

    It is a nice day today. The weather is excellent and the sun is great. Lily decides to ride her favorite hobbyhorse in the garden to have fun. Be her personal fashion assistant and dress her up in cute and lovely girl outfits. Mix and match her fashionable dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, hairstyles a

New Games
  • Barbie Sleepwear Princess Barbie Sleepwear Princess

    Barbie princess is a fashion lover even when she is in the sleeping time. She will also dress up with beautiful and cute sleepwear. Then she can have a good bed time. Dress her up in a pink sleepwear princess outfit having her wear a sassy pink dress or a girly pajama top and bottom panties. You can

  • Royal Baby Ear Doctor Royal Baby Ear Doctor

    This royal baby is cute and lovely. However, he has serious ear problems since he did not pay much attention to ear health. Now the problems have become more and more serious and he can not tolerate the pain any more. So his parents need to take him to hospital to see ear doctors. Play the role of e

  • Rachel Weisz Celebrity Makeover Rachel Weisz Celebrity Makeover

    Rachel Weisz is a beautiful lady celebrity. Tonight she is going to take part in a great party of her friend. So she wants to make up and dress up with her most beautiful clothes. Come to be her fashion assistant to give her a wonderful makeover to make her look amazing and fabulous. Apply the suita

  • Barbie in the Ambulance Barbie in the Ambulance

    This morning when Barbie is riding her bicycle on the road, she was knocked down by a rock on the way. Now she hurts herself seriously and you have received the call in the ambulance. Quickly drive the ambulance car to take her to hospital, check Barbie in the ambulance for wounds, cuts, bruises and

  • Pet Nail Salon Pet Nail Salon

    Hi girls. Do you love pets? If you have your own beloved pets, how would you take care of them? Today in our brand new pet caring game called Pet Nail Salon, you can learn how to give your pets a wonderful pet nail treatment and manicure to make the pets nails more beautiful. Give a manicure for you

  • Baby Sophia First Easter Baby Sophia First Easter

    Come and celebrate Easter with the charming kid Sophia. The parents of Sophia and relatives have gone for shopping. Even the maid servant is one leave today. You the neighbor of Sophia take care of her. Fulfill her needs and give her whatever she asks for. Be with her always and help her brush the t

  • Italian Beef Kabobs Italian Beef Kabobs

    In our weekend time or spare time, it will be a good opportunity for us to do some delicious food for ourselves. Today in our brand new cooking game, we will teach you the cooking recipe of Italian Beef Kabobs. The game will take you through the process of preparing the tasty vegetables and meat rea

  • Celebrity Gold Room Escape Celebrity Gold Room Escape

    Imagine that if you are locked in this gorgeous celebrity gold room. Can you find the key to escape from it. Today in our brand new room escape game, if you want to have a try to test your escape ability. Just come to play this great fun game. Escape from the Gold Room by finding all the clues and o

  • Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins

    McStuffins is great doctor who is good at curing girls dolls. Today on the morning she meet one cute girl who brings one lovely but dirty doll come to her clinic. You job is to be her assistant to help this cute girl cure the doll as soon as possible. We have prepared some necessary medical tools th

  • Pretty Girl at Dentist Pretty Girl at Dentist

    This girl is pretty and lovely. However, since she did not pay much attention to her mouth cavity health, she now has serious teeth problems. Totally damaged and her teeth condition is worse. And now, she came to your dentist office in seek of your help. Strap her in the dentist chair, blast the ger

  • Frozen Party Clean up Frozen Party Clean up

    Our beautiful frozen queen Elsa had a great party at her castle tonight. She is very happy and excited with her friends. They sing and play together. However, after the party the room is in a great mass. There was a huge party in the royal palace as well, and of course after a huge party a huge mess

  • Sam and Harry Potter Dress up Sam and Harry Potter Dress up

    Our little sport star Sam is very lucky today because he can meet her beloved star Harry Potter. He is very excited and will have a football competition with Harry Potter. Come to this brand new dress up game called Sam and Harry Potter Dress up. You need to select some cool and suitable sports clot

  • Lolita Skirts and Shoes Lolita Skirts and Shoes

    Lolita is a beautiful girl who loves dancing very much. Today she will go to attend an excellent performance. However, time is limited for her to dress up. Are you willing to be her fashion assistant to help her get ready for the performance. You know she really wants to be the most amazing girl and

  • Kids Fun Board Kids Fun Board

    Fresh fruits contain wealth nutrition. So they are very good for kids health. Today in our brand new kids game called Kids Fun Board, you job is to choose some fresh fruits on the boards for those lovely kids. We will show you which fruits have the highest clicking points in the beginning of the gam

  • Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Day is coming. The girl in our game is very happy with the coming Easter Day because she has expected this day for a long time. The girl needs to prepare some necessary easter eggs for the holiday. So your job today in our brand new game is to help the girl hunt all the hidden eggs in the par

  • SpongeBob Mirror Adventure SpongeBob Mirror Adventure

    SpongeBob is cute and lovely who loves adventure very much. Today in our brand new adventure game called SpongeBob Mirror Adventure, he will have brand new task on the way of adventure. You job is to go adventure with SpongeBob in the strange forest. He may meet lots of obstacles and difficulties th

  • Baby Emma Room Decor Baby Emma Room Decor

    Baby Emma is very happy today because she has moved to a brand new house with her parents. She can have a new bedroom for herself. Come to help her decorate this new room. We have prepared for you lots of new furniture, household appliances, curtains,carpets and some beautiful decoration items. Choo

  • Pop Star Lady Gaga Make up Pop Star Lady Gaga Make up

    Lady Gaga is a beautiful American pop star. She has many famous songs and lots of fans around the world like her very much. She has plan to sing pop song today night in New york. This show will live telecast in all TV channels so she would be very bright and cute make up. Please help her and get con

  • Chocolate and Orange Cake Chocolate and Orange Cake

    In the weekend or your spare time, it will be a good opportunity to cook some delicious dessert to treat yourself and your family members. Today in our brand new cooking game, we will introduce your the recipe of cooking yummy Chocolate and Orange Cake. The cake is both a feast for the eyes as well

  • Bubbly Bubble Bubbly Bubble

    Emma is cute and beautiful girl who is going to blow some bubbles for you and the biggest of all will start a long journey through the world! Your task will be to make sure it gest as far as possible by using your mouse or the space bar on your keyboard! Pay a great attention girls that there will b

  • Easter Bunny Beauty Easter Bunny Beauty

    Easter day is coming and our cute bunny is really very happy and excited because she likes Easter very much. Now this bunny sweetie here is almost ready to greet her top favorite holiday. She has determined to look stylish from her long, long ears to her paws when she pays her visits to her closest

  • Kitchen Restaurant Clean up Kitchen Restaurant Clean up

    Hi girls. Do you like cleaning up your home? I know most girls like clean and neat very much. Today in our brand new clean up game, you need to clean this kitchen restaurant. The kitchen is in a mass after cooking dinner. Since the hose is a little tired, are you willing to help her clean up the kit

  • Zoe with Scooby-Doo Dress up Zoe with Scooby-Doo Dress up

    Today is Saturday. Zoe is very happy today because she can play with her cute dog Scooby-Doo and they will have photo shoot in the park together. So they decides to dress up with their most beautiful and handsome clothes. Come to help them and make them be happy for all the day. Explore their wardro

  • Dora Goes to School Dora Goes to School

    Today is Monday. Dora needs to go to school again. Every day, she catches the bus to go to her school but today she wakes up late. So she has to walk alone. But she doesn't know that many wonderful things are waiting for her. Maybe she can meets lots of fantastic things today. So just follow our ins

  • Smart Eggy's Memory Challenge Smart Eggy's Memory Challenge

    CED is cute and lovely egg. He is smart and has excellent memory. Today he is holding their yearly egg hunt competition. Smart Eggy is confident that he can get the trophy and win the competition! Help Smart Eggy win by beating his memory challenge! Flip the cards by clicking them. Earn points by ma

Top Games
  • Clawdeen Wolf hair spa and facial Clawdeen Wolf hair spa and facial

    Clawdeen wolf needs a complete make up. in this game you can make hair care for clawdeen wolf. After hairs you can give her a facial care. Then you can make up and dress up her.

  • Mixed Nut Tart Mixed Nut Tart

    Who doesn't love toffee tart ? I think all kids love this dessert. In this cooking game for kids you will see how toffee tarts are made. This is a delicious toffee tart with crunchy roasted nuts that can be enjoyed with tea at breakfast. Yummy. First you need to preheat the oven then start prepare t

  • Misty's Beach Day Dressup Misty's Beach Day Dressup

    Misty loves going to the beach with her friends! She likes to surf and read books while relaxing on the sand. Dress her up for a fun day at the beach!

  • Raven Queen Fashion Raven Queen Fashion

    Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen, the main villain from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is not "evil" like her mother, but she is destined to play the role of villain nonetheless. And this does not sit well with her. Raven Queen has pale skin, violet eyes, and slightly wavy hair in

  • Chicken Sandwiches Chicken Sandwiches

    Summer is still here and everyone is enjoying the last days of fun and games before going back to school. You haven't lived if you don't know the feeling of waking up on the beach with the warm winds blowing and seeing the sunset. It's a very pleasant and relaxing experience that you can cherish whe

  • Princess Merida Facial Princess Merida Facial

    Princess Merida is the sixteen-year old tomboyish, headstrong, spirited daughter of Queen Elinor who rules the kingdom alongside her husband. in this game you can give her a sizzling look with facial treatment and makeup. As Merida needs fashionable hairstyle, all you need to do is to wash her hair

  • Animated Coloring Oppa Gangnam Style Animated Coloring Oppa Gangnam Style

    Do you love to color Dancing PSY Gangnam Style? Now! Your dreams come true, the exclusive animated series of Gangnam Style. Give him super colors while he is dancing. Oppa Gangnam Style... Yeah!!

  • College Slacking College Slacking

    Snooze!!! Another boring day awaits Clara in the college she has no interest in listening the class so she feels drowsy. She has some things to entertain herself. Help her to entertain with those things without getting caught by the sluggish mam?

  • Jane Care Baby Giraffe Jane Care Baby Giraffe

    The summer sunshine,grassy lawn, Jane very pleased come to the zoo, she is a volunteer for care baby animal, every weekend she worked here.Jane love animal, love life, love all colorful things.This week, she will take care of the lovely giraffe.The giraffe have various requirements,you must think of

  • Monster High Cake Cooking Monster High Cake Cooking

    Do you know what the favorite dessert of our Monster High ghouls is? Well you might not be surprised to find out that the chocolate cake is the perfect dessert, the cake that Clawdeen, Jina Fire Long, Draculaura or any other monster high student would love to eat at any special event. The Halloween

  • Halloween Nail Art Design Halloween Nail Art Design

    Sarah loves doing her nails to match the holidays! Now it's your turn to design the perfect set of Halloween themed nail art!

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Today I found a delicious recipe that can be cooked in just a few minutes! Sticky Toffee Pudding it芒鈧

  • Ninja run Ninja run

    The agile ninja in this new running game will need all the help he can get in order to run as fast and as far as possible without falling or stepping into the acid puddles on the way.

  • Avocado Makeover Avocado Makeover

    Help this girl look pretty by doing a facial and pick out the best dress, accessories to make her look gorgeous.

  • Trekking Adventures Dressup Trekking Adventures Dressup

    Trekking is a much loved hobby of young people, offering great moments, going on trails through the mountains. For this hobby you need proper equipment and in this game for girls you will be able to choose the most beautiful equipment for this beautiful lady who wants to go on an adventure through t

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