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  • Cat Girl Cat Girl

    This cute cat girl is getting ready to take part in a big party in the cat country castle . Last time she ran into a cute boy who danced with her in the party . Today the boy will attend the party too , and she want to dance with him , So the Cat Girl decide to dress up in a fabulous outfit . Now sh

  • Fantasy Land Of Elves Fantasy Land Of Elves

    There are many elves in the fantasy land ,who have magical power to help the queen rule the country .So they are helpful and busy every day . They do not have time to dress up carefully everyday . So they invite some girls in the earth to help them dress up and take part in their big party . Do you

  • The India Princess The India Princess

    In this dress up games for girls , you will meet an India Princess Mira and you can help her dress up . I know , you girls are good at dressing up . So let鈥檚 help her , and you can share your work with your friends . Look , the India Princess Mira is preparing to dress up . She will attend a wo

  • The Rainbow Princess The Rainbow Princess

    As we all know ,rainbows are magical which are created by Rainbow Princess .But ,girls did you know the Rainbow Princess is a magical and fashionable girl ?She love fashion clothes and she has a magic wand which help her creat and change the colour of the rainbows .Now ,let鈥檚 meet Rainbow Prince

  • The China Princess The China Princess

    Today we have chance to meet a beautiful China princess ,and learn about Chinese nation's clothing culture .Then help dress up the China Princess .There are many customs in the country,so let鈥檚 learn together first . Look at the picture ,the China princess wears a princesses crown ,which is so

  • I Love Big Lollipop I Love Big Lollipop

    Olivia is a sweety girl . Her favourite food is lollipop .It smell very sweet , and it tasty enough .Different lollipops have different tastes, such as vanilla , double flavour , apple and strawberry . Olivia love vanilla best . This weekend , Olivia will go to park with her friends .She is very

  • Debby Princess Makeover Debby Princess Makeover

    Debby princess is not a fashion designer, but also a modeltrue trendsetter to whom stylists and editors look for direction.This summer she also design many styles of fashionable elements.Most girls are crazy about these iteams.Today she organize big fashion events.Let鈥檚 help her dress up.You w

  • Dora go to school Dora go to school

    Today is the frist day for Dora to Primary school.She want to give her new friends and teachers a good impression.So she gets up early in the morning to choose the most appropriate combination of clothes and accessories.I know you girls are good at school dress up.Let鈥檚 help her get dressed up u

New Games
  • Pou Lovely Kiss 2 Pou Lovely Kiss 2

    Pou is in love with the pink pou. He wants to reach the pink pou in order to kiss his love.The pink pou will be located at different location in each level. Help the pou reach her and kiss her.Collect baby pou to gain extra points.

  • Eva D'Elf Facial Make Up Eva D'Elf Facial Make Up

    Eva d'elf is the daughter elf princess. She is passionate, and she lives in the city. Her long ears are the symbol of elf quality, but she is a modern chick. She is the volunteer in her school. She loves to play with snow flakes and her favorite food is the reddish carrot smoothie. She loves to play

  • Picnic Date Dressup Picnic Date Dressup

    Melissa and Matt are having a romantic picnic date! They packed lots of sandwiches and tasty treats. Dress them up for the perfect date!

  • Elmo Visits The Dentist Elmo Visits The Dentist

    Do you know Elmo the cute muppet ? He decided to visit the dentist for the first time.His teeth look terible but he hope's that the dentist can help him.Enjoy fixing Elmo's teeth and have fun with PlayDora games.

  • Summer Runway Secrets‏ Summer Runway Secrets‏

    Summer has arrived, ladies and it brings with it all that holiday joy and excitement. I'm sure you have already met Jenny, our beautiful model, so it will be really easy for you to help her choose the most amazing outfit for her to wear this summer. As usual, you are going to be able to choose from

  • Anna's Frozen Spa Anna's Frozen Spa

    Hello ladies! It's high time that we joined the beautiful Anna from Frozen on another one of her amazing adventures. Today we are going to join her at the spa, where she is planning on pampering herself with some amazing beauty treatments that will make her feel absolutely gorgeous. You are going to

  • Hansel and Gretel Dressup Hansel and Gretel Dressup

    Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister. They come across a house made of candy and sweets and begin to eat it! Dress up Hansel and Gretel for their day of delicious fun!

  • Dirty Kids Makeover Dirty Kids Makeover

    It's time to clean these dirty babies. Remove the dust, clean the dirt, and give them a bath. After the bath, select them your favorite dresses and accessories. Enjoy!!

  • Build A House Build A House

    Because you won a lot of money at lottery you have decided to build ahouse. Now you hired the best builder from town and with your help he willmake you one of the greatest houses from town. First you must arrange thebricks and after that with the trowel arrange the mortar. When theconstruction is fi

  • Rochelle Dressup Night Out Rochelle Dressup Night Out

    We all know who is Rochelle and about her personality. She is an important character, most loved by all the kids. In this dress up games for girls you have the possibility to apply a nice makeover on Rochelle, choose her coiffure, her eyes colors and lot of other things. After you applied a nice m

  • Nose doctor game Nose doctor game

    Alexia have some problem with his nose and she have to go to the doctor. Take care of her and take her to the hospital.

  • Bonita Femur Dress Up Bonita Femur Dress Up

    Bonita Femur, daughter of The Mothman and a skeleton. She is half skeleton, half moth and part of a new breed of ghouls seen in the Monster High Freaky Fusion. She's always lurking for new clothes because she just chews through her wardrobe.

  • Talking TomTooth Problems Talking TomTooth Problems

    In this Talking Tom dentist game you will be dealing with his tooth problems because lately he has been complaining about some nasty toothaches that he cannot get rid of.

  • Sanitation Worker Cleaning Road Sanitation Worker Cleaning Road

    This sanitation worker is having a tough time cleaning the road as there are lots and lots of wastes and garbage on the road. It is because there was a heavy wind a few hours earlier and it has caused the maximum damage to the road and as a result the traffic has been stopped on the road. The sanita

  • Gorgeous Go-Go Dancing Girls Gorgeous Go-Go Dancing Girls

    Go-Go dancing is very popular, not only it is a dance but also a fitness way. The two gorgeous dancing girls will have performance soon, so they need your help to dress themselves.

  • Pirate Fairy Iridessa Pirate Fairy Iridessa

    Iridessa, one of the most talented light fairies, is a detail-oriented perfectionist. She鈥檚 passionate about her work, but can also be a worrywart, even when she tries to see the bright side of things, but often smells disaster. It can take some convincing to get her to go along with a risky or

  • Elsa Ice Cream Shop Elsa Ice Cream Shop

    It is so hot in the summer that I must eat some ice cream!I decide to buy it in the ice cream shop on the road crossing.To my surprise,the manager is Elsa in the famous movie Frozen.I can't believe it!But when she uses her magic power to make ice cream,I am totally shocked!Let's have a taste of it!H

  • Baby Barbie Hobbies Stuffed Friends Baby Barbie Hobbies Stuffed Friends

    Little Barbie has great craft skills which she plans on using to enlarge her fabulous toys collection with new stuffed friends. You, girls, are welcome to join her on this amazing doll creating adventure! There are three cute shapes the baby princess wants to make today. Which stuffed shape do you l

  • Stomach Pain Doctor Stomach Pain Doctor

    Ria is eating a pizza without knowing that is old and it was ate by sime insects. So, she falls sick and now she has to meet a doctor for her stomach pain. You are the doctor who can give a treatment for Ria's stomach pain. There is not much time left. So let's starts the treatment. Are you ready to

  • Crown Cake Topper Decor Crown Cake Topper Decor

    In this dessert decoration game, you will have to decorate a wonderful cake with different layer having bright colors and attractive designs on it and on the top, you must place a crown topper in order to make it look as a crown cake. Have fun playing this cake decoration game!

  • First Date Love Cupcake First Date Love Cupcake

    Sometimes it's not so easy making the best impression on a first date! You have to worry about conversation, what to wear and how you look! What to talk about and if the other person likes you or not! But sometimes the simplest of gestures can break the ice and make you both comfortable from the wor

  • Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw

    Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw is very cool game with an image of all the best cartoons heroes that every kid adores. Press shuffle and the image will split into pieces. Now get concentrated and try to set the pieces of the image to the right place. Choose from easy, medium, hard and expert game mode. Use yo

  • Talking Angela Great  Makeover‏ Talking Angela Great Makeover‏

    Prepare to start playing this talking Angela makeover game and she will surely be happy to see that her look will be changed by someone with a great sense of fashion and style.

  • Puppy Pizza Puppy Pizza

    You new puppy just turned 1 year old. He is ready to have his birthday party pizza. Make this cute little guy the perfect puppy pizza. Find the ingredients, prepare and bake the pizza, then serve it up to your new puppy.

  • Sport or Plastic Surgery 2 Sport or Plastic Surgery 2

    Did you know that princesses Merida and Fiona are close friends? They have much in common: they both wear green, love nature and country life and, unfortunately, both have problems with extra weight. They decided to solve this problem. Which way should they choose: sport or plastic surgery?

Top Games
  • Princess Dora Royal Makeover Princess Dora Royal Makeover

    Dora is to be crowned as a princess in her kingdom. Before she is crowned, she needs a royal treatment for making her look as a real princess with all the elegance and grandeur. Dora wants to hire you as her personal assistant for getting her ready for the coronation. Therefore, spoil Dora with faci

  • Elsa Frozen Haircuts‏ Elsa Frozen Haircuts‏

    Hello ladies! I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore Frozen, and anything related to it. This is precisely why we have decided to bring you another fabulous Frozen-inspired game. This fun game is called Elsa Frozen Haircuts, and it will give you the opportunity to get to know beautiful Elsa

  • Baby Elsa Great Manicure‏ Baby Elsa Great Manicure‏

    Baby Elsa needs help with her nails in this Elsa great manicure game as she will be wearing the colors and ornaments you give her for the next big event she will be attending.

  • Ice Pop Maker Multi Color Ice Pop Maker Multi Color

    Summer is coming and it's time to prepare delicious ice pop. Multi color are always the best so try to make them to have a fresh summer.

  • Frozen Beauty Secrets Frozen Beauty Secrets

    Your favorite characters from Frozen are back with a brand new adventure, in our exciting game called Frozen Beauty Secrets! Anna has decided to spend some time pampering herself, so today you are going to join her at the Frozen salon, where you will be applying all sorts of beauty products that wil

  • Elsa With Anna Dressup Elsa With Anna Dressup

    The pretty snow Princess Elsa and her sister Anna need best perfect clothes to wear today. After long years they met each other today, so this is the most exciting moment for those. Choose best Princess dresses, accessories and more to make them happy. Also you can choose your favorite pleasant back

  • Baby Injecting Baby Injecting

    Use your mouse to play this game, remember give an injection to patient according to the position of fingerprint ! Instructions:Use your mouse to play. Play Baby Injecting at Baby Games!Baby Injecting is a very fun game!

  • Zoe at Leg Spa Zoe at Leg Spa

    zoe hurt herself while playing and had cuts and bruises on her legs and goes to the spa for treatment. you should clean her legs, apply creams and make her legs look normal again. after giving treatment to her legs, select a suitable outfit for her. enjoy!!

  • Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle Elsa & Her Mom Hairstyle

    Idun, the queen of Arendelle, and her little daughter Princess Elsa both need beautiful royal hairstyles. But Elsa is a very shy and timid baby because of her unusual magical gift, so she might be afraid of your hairstyling instruments. Give her toys to distract her while styling up her white hair.

  • Elsa Ear Doctor Elsa Ear Doctor

    Elsa will be needing your help in this Frozen Doctor game because her ear seems to hurt her a bit and she wants it checked out. You will need to follow the instructions to see what needs to be done.

  • Pou Great  Makeover Pou Great Makeover

    Pou is in the need of a new look in this Pou great makeover game and you two will surely have a great time trying out outfits and also some hair changes and style changes will be welcomed.

  • Rose wedding cake 2 Rose wedding cake 2

    Decor this beautiful rose wedding cake for your beautiful bride.

  • House Clean Up Game House Clean Up Game

    Mom told me that she is away from the house and I must clean up all the room before she come back.Oh,that is big problem for me because we have many room.I do not know what to do.Can you help me?

  • Spend My Dubai Holiday Spend My Dubai Holiday

    Daisy and her family have spent a lot of money on this year's holiday! They chose to visit the beautiful country of Dubai and I have to say it was worth every single cent! The beauty of the place is so breathtakingly stunning, that Daisy wants to spend every waking minute taking pictures of the plac

  • Pou Washing Clothes Pou Washing Clothes

    Pou is a good boy now and he wants to help out his mother with the household chores, but he needs your help to do that. Help him wash his dirty laundry, sort them out, add detergent and make them fresh and clean. In the first step, you need to help him separate those colorful clothes with white clot

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