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  • Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle

    Taylor Swift is going to have a concert in New York today . Now it's time to go to the concert, meeting her fans.You girls, I know you're a very skilled makeup girl , let's help her . We should help her choose a right haircut and a sharp suit . First, Wash her hair and dry them .Then , help her m

  • Doctor Anna Foot Doctor Anna Foot

    Anna was badly injured in the fighting with the Snow Giant ! You know , She is only a girl , so she can鈥檛 beat him . Look ! She was completely exhausted and her foot was badly injured . So she had to have a rest and took care of her foot . Let鈥檚 help her together . Look , the thorns pricked

  • Doctor Care Cat Ear Doctor Care Cat Ear

    Girls , Do you like pets ? Do you have some pets ? You know pets can bring us much happiness .If you have some pets , please take care of them .Not only dress up them beautifully and cool ,but also pay more attention to their health .If they are sick ,you should take them to the veterinary hospital

  • Doctor Cat Nose Doctor Cat Nose

    The cat is running a fever now , its nose is all bunged up and the parasites make it feeling awful . It feels so bad now ,and it needs help right now . Girls ,can you help her ? First , blow its nose ; Second , Clean up the nasal cavity .Then the most important thing is that using the spray kill of

  • Cat Girl Cat Girl

    This cute cat girl is getting ready to take part in a big party in the cat country castle . Last time she ran into a cute boy who danced with her in the party . Today the boy will attend the party too , and she want to dance with him , So the Cat Girl decide to dress up in a fabulous outfit . Now sh

  • Real Surgery Sofia Real Surgery Sofia

    Sofia feels terrible after she had a car accident. She has an ugly cut on her face and several bruises. She was rushed to the hospital and you have to perform the surgery that will fix her face cut. Work with extreme care and,while Sofia is asleep, disinfect and stitch her wound. When she wakes up

  • Fantasy Land Of Elves Fantasy Land Of Elves

    There are many elves in the fantasy land ,who have magical power to help the queen rule the country .So they are helpful and busy every day . They do not have time to dress up carefully everyday . So they invite some girls in the earth to help them dress up and take part in their big party . Do you

  • The India Princess The India Princess

    In this dress up games for girls , you will meet an India Princess Mira and you can help her dress up . I know , you girls are good at dressing up . So let鈥檚 help her , and you can share your work with your friends . Look , the India Princess Mira is preparing to dress up . She will attend a wo

New Games
  • First Aid to Anna and Elsa First Aid to Anna and Elsa

    Elsa and Anna was playing snowballs, when, suddenly, snow slope, on which they were standing, has collapsed! Elsa and Anna are in mortal danger! Elsa has really bad injuries and Anna fell into icy river! Do not delay, every second counts!

  • Hairy Girl Hairy Girl

    Wow! This girl is really hairy, and she certainly need your help! She has a fused eyebrows, mustache and even beard! Ouch! And what is this? It's a lices! Come on, let's give her a new glamorous look!

  • Princess Sofia ironing Princess Sofia ironing

    Hi kids! Princess Sofia needs your help. First you must put the clothes into the washing machine, one by one. After that, you must add the detergent and start the machine. After the clothes are washed you must put them to dry.Because after all the clothes are dry they are very wrinkled. With the iro

  • Doctor Pet Nose Doctor Pet Nose

    Take care of your pet by cleaning out its nose to help it breathe better. Here you get to wipe your pet's nose, open it up and use cotton buds, scissors, spray water, and tweezers to help remove hairs, stains, waxy build up and extra dripping. You also get to play doctor and treat the sores on it no

  • Dora Vegetable Planting Dora Vegetable Planting

    Dora has green fingers and she loves gardening so muchToday is a sunny day. So Dora decides to plant vegetable. Let鈥檚 give her some help and enjoy this Dora gardening game.

  • Barbie Mini Cooper Car Wash Barbie Mini Cooper Car Wash

    Barbie's Mini Cooper just wrecked by some guy when she use it to grocery store. Now she have to go to car repair shop to fix it. Help her fix and pimp her Mini Cooper!

  • Sofia The First Eye Doctor‏ Sofia The First Eye Doctor‏

    Help Sophia the first in this new eye doctor game that you will get to play. She is not seeing very well at the moment so use the tools and the instructions to make her better.

  • Tiger Eat Cow Tiger Eat Cow

    The tiger is very hungry and need to eat some fresh meat for lunch.The tiger saw a cow on the field and want to eat the whole cow to fill its hungry stomach.In order to eat the cow, the tiger needs to find ways to reach the cow.Help tiger get to the cow by removing blocks and use other tools in the

  • Gigi Grant New Scaremester Dress Up Gigi Grant New Scaremester Dress Up

    A new Scare Mester has started at Monster High and that means new looks! Gigi Grant, Daughter of the Genie introduced in Monster High 13 Wishes movie, has decided to enroll and is outfitted in her fashionably fierce core school outfit.

  • Dora Blueberry Ice Cream Dora Blueberry Ice Cream

    Our adventure girl Dora loves cooking so much. Today her friends come to her house so Dora decides to make blueberry ice cream for them. Let鈥檚 join her in the kitchen and help her a hand.

  • Elsa Sunburn Elsa Sunburn

    Hey Girls Queen Elsa of Arendelle after a spell, she forfeit all the powers that she have on snow and ice. Without knowing this,in the vacation was exposed naked skin to the sun and suffered terrible burns.Now she has severe pain and shes sister Anna will ask you to help Elsa and to use medical k

  • Flower Boutique Flower Boutique

    Welcome to the CDE Flower Boutique! Take care of each customer by memorizing their order and serving it to them as quickly as possible! If you see a ladybug, click it for a minigame! Instruction: Memorize the customers order and then click on the items they have requested to build their bouquet. Go

  • Train Wash Train Wash

    In this amazing game you are the owner of a washing place. You have all kind of clients. For today you have a lot of work. You must clean this train because is full of dirt. To do that, you must follow all steps in order.

  • Elsa House Cleaning Elsa House Cleaning

    Here is another game in witch our ice princess becomes a very good housekeeper with a little help from you kids. Help Elsa clean the entire house by following the instructions given inside the game. Wash dishes, clean the dust , gather the trash and many more things that you can do in this funny cle

  • Escape Child Play Room Escape Child Play Room

    Escape from the Child Play Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues.

  • Baby Doggy Boo Baby Doggy Boo

    Hello girls! I want you to meet the cute baby doggy, named Boo. He is a sweet fluffy brown dog that loves to be spoiled, especially when he has to participate in important dog contests, such as the one from tomorrow that is an international one. The sweet little Boo wants to win first prize but he c

  • Modeling Girl Dress Up Modeling Girl Dress Up

    Here is a beautiful and gorgeous modeling girl. Change the dress and accessories which suits the best. Bring out a new look to this modeling girl.

  • School Premises Cleaning School Premises Cleaning

    Cleanliness is next to godliness. The place where you study and gain knowledge must be a clean one. In this cleaning game, you are going to clean up your school premises and make it spic and span because it is your duty to keep your school clean. Have fun, kids!

  • Zoe Hand Doctor Zoe Hand Doctor

    As Zoe is very careless, she injures her hand. Use the doctor tools to cure her hand and finally decorate her hand with nail polish, tattoo, ring and bracelet.

  • Baby Owl Care Baby Owl Care

    Hey, girl! What about taking care of a really really special pet? You will love the baby owl in this game, we are sure about that! Just enter the game to meet him and have a great time taking care of the adorable owl! Begin with a bubbly bath, then change his diaper and finish with a funny dress up

  • Hannah's Kitchen Berries Pizza	Game Hannah's Kitchen Berries Pizza Game

    Hannah is now starting to make a magic with the combination of three berries. Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry are the three berries going to combine to form a new pizza. Do you love to explore the cooking method of this fruitilicious pizza? Then, join 'Hannah's Kitchen', follow simple steps, exp

  • Proud Alligator Coloring Proud Alligator Coloring

    The crocodiles are bored with opened mouths that are frozen for want of flesh and you could give them some new colors and fabulous color combinations so that they jump with joy.

  • Pou Tattoo Pou Tattoo

    Pou just opened a tattoo studio,and he wants to get his first tattoo.He thinks that a tribal tattoo is the best tattoo choise for him.Help him with this tattoo and make Pou happy.

  • Bratz Facial Beauty Bratz Facial Beauty

    Bratz Facial Beauty is an awesome spa makeover game for girls. You might have played your Bratz doll but have you ever tried to a makeover to it. In this facial beauty game, you are going to be the stylist of your doll and give it a stylish look, choosing the hairstyle, skin tone, makeup, accessorie

  • Jerry’s Ear Doctor Jerry’s Ear Doctor

    Jerry is having a horrible ear ache and now she is on the hospital and really need some help. Your job is to make her feel better, can you do this? As an ear doctor you first need to analyze your patient wound so look carefully and decide your next step, a good treatment and some painkillers. Good l

Top Games
  • Dora Beach Day Dora Beach Day

    It is such a wonderful summer day, so how about we join lovely Dora at the beach for a fabulous day? Enjoy the sun, get a gorgeous shiny tan, make sand castles and swim in the sea. Dora is really excited, so let鈥檚 make the most of this day. Create the perfect relaxation place on the beach, choos

  • Pou Eye Doctor‏ Pou Eye Doctor‏

    Pou will need his eyesight fixed in this Pou eye doctor game and he is hoping that you are a great doctor because he has visited quite a few in the past but they all failed in front of the challenge

  • Princess Cake Cooking Princess Cake Cooking

    Hey, girls! This time we are going to cook together a really special birthday cake! This amazing sweet treat is specially made for little princesses, it' a girly cake that you will certainly going to love. First of all, we are going to cook it together and for that you will have to follow the instru

  • Legs treatment Legs treatment

    This lady has sensitive skin and she needs your help to shave her legs. So, apply all cosmetics carefully and let鈥檚 start! Have fun!

  • Angela & Ginger Birthday Surprise Angela & Ginger Birthday Surprise

    Tomorrow is Tom's birthday! Which means a big party needs to be organized. And who else could be in charge for Tom's surprise party but Angela and Ginger? Join them in their shopping tour and buy everything one needs for a perfect birthday party. Let's make Tom happy!

  • Violetta Ambulance Violetta Ambulance

    Hurry girls, our beloved friend, Violetta, suffered an accident while filming some scenes for the movie, now she is in the ambulance to the hospital. Offer her immediate medical care, heal her wounds, make sure no scars are left and make Violetta pain free and happy again.

  • Talking Angela Great  Makeover‏ Talking Angela Great Makeover‏

    Prepare to start playing this talking Angela makeover game and she will surely be happy to see that her look will be changed by someone with a great sense of fashion and style.

  • Zoo Doctor Zoo Doctor

    Today's a busy day! We have three animals in critical health. Help us cure them by giving them the right tools and medicines!

  • Talking Angela at the doctor Talking Angela at the doctor

    Talking Angela fell from her balcony and ended up in the emergency room. Now it is your job to help cure the injuries that she got. Use all the medical instruments to help Angela feel better. If you run out of ideas please use the tips that you get when you select a tool. Good Luck Doctor!

  • Baby Twin Trouble Baby Twin Trouble

    Taking care about twin is not an easy things to do, especially with Anna and Peter. Because if they are hungry or unhappy, they will cry a lot. A terrible thing that nobody wants to happen right? So give them exactly toys they wants and feed them with yummy food. Enjoy this baby caring game.

  • Frozen Wedding Designer Frozen Wedding Designer

    Did you know that Queen Elsa is getting married soon? She wants her bridal gown to be absolutely exclusive and that's why she hired you as her personal wedding designer. Pick the shape and the pattern for each garment and sew the best wedding gown for Elsa!

  • Rapunzel Wedding Dress up Rapunzel Wedding Dress up

    Long haired beautiful princess Rapunzel is going to mary with the handsome prince she loves. At this point you must dress up Rapunzel for her wedding with princess wedding gowns.

  • Yummy Nail Designs Yummy Nail Designs

    Hi girls, Take a look here..! Sara wants to make a yummy tasty chocolate manicure for his birthday party. Here have her most favorite chocolate varieties been in your front. your task to make an awesome chocolate manicure for Sara and feel this day is most memorable day in her life. Give a wonderful

  • Squeeze Elsa Pimples Squeeze Elsa Pimples

    Pimples are trouble of every young girl, including beautiful Elsa. In this game, you will cure Elsa's pimples step by step, and finaly you can help her recover her pretty face! Have fun!

  • Princess Dora Royal Makeover Princess Dora Royal Makeover

    Dora is to be crowned as a princess in her kingdom. Before she is crowned, she needs a royal treatment for making her look as a real princess with all the elegance and grandeur. Dora wants to hire you as her personal assistant for getting her ready for the coronation. Therefore, spoil Dora with faci

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