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  • Lovely Princess Cat Lovely Princess Cat

    Every cat can be a cute princess ,if you know how to take care of them .Lucy is very good at taking care of cats .She is only 6 years old when she has her own cat . She was very happy ,but she did not know how to take care it .She often goes to the pet shop ,buying many dresses ,bath products and ac

  • Pretty Legs Spa Care Pretty Legs Spa Care

    Pretty girls ,do you want to have pretty legs ? If you want ,please take more time to your legs care .Look at the pretty model in the girls games ,she has beautiful legs and she goes to leg Spa Care every week . Her well-preserved skin makes her legs looks much younger than others. Now she is a famo

  • Little Princess Legs Doctor For Barbie Little Princess Legs Doctor For Barbie

    Girls,you see, all most children like skating, sledding , and making a snowmen in winter .The little princess also likes winter . She is very active and she often go skating with her friends in the lake .But she hurt , so her parents want to her make snowmen in the castle .But it’s really bored in

  • Mom Give Birth newborn Babys Mom Give Birth newborn Babys

    Look , Jane is very tried but she was never happy like today .Because she just gave birth to a baby .She was very afraid of childbirth ,but she was filled of power today and the baby was healthy .She was very brave .She said she wants to gave birth to a baby next year . She told us she was very gra

  • Barbie Laundry for Her Baby Barbie Laundry for Her Baby

    Barbie and Ken got married finally ,and they had a good time. Barbie gave birth to a baby last year. The newborn baby is healthy and normal and they love their baby very much. Now the baby is three years old .Barbie often takes the baby to the children’s park. Today Ken takes Barbie and the baby

  • Pregnant Elsa Washing Clothes Pregnant Elsa Washing Clothes

    Today Elsa has many chores that need to be done and she got very tired because she is pregnant. One of the most annoying things that Elsa needs to do is doing laundry.That is right, Elsa needs to wash a big pile of clothes. Can you help her? Separate the clothes depending on color and put them in th

  • Elsa Face Painting Elsa Face Painting

    Elsa wants a new look and came in your painting salon. Choose one of the fancy face paintings and give her a gorgeous look. Do not forget some nice accessories for the hair ! At the end Elsa will be happy with her new face painting !

  • Care Santa Claus Tooth Care Santa Claus Tooth

    Hello, girls. Christmas is coming. Are you expecting the gifts from Santa Clause? If you have any wishes, please write a letter and tell him. But, Santa Clause is not happy recently, because there is something wrong with his teeth. He has a terrible toothache these days. Christmas is on the way, but

New Games
  • Baby Juliet winter sport Baby Juliet winter sport

    Today Baby Juliet has decided to go the mountain for the holiday. She is very excited to go ski and ice skating and have a Slade ride. Join Juliet and complete all the fun activities and tasks. Help her choose a pair of skates and a costume, find the right ski equipment for Juliet and make sure she

  • Elsa Surgeon‏ Elsa Surgeon‏

    Help your friend Elsa in this new surgeon game and you will surely make her really happy once the procedure is done and she is all stitched up and on her way to a full recovery.

  • Rose wedding cake 3 Rose wedding cake 3

    We have many choices of decor with this game. Decor a beautiful wedding cake for a big celebration.

  • Keep Kissing Keep Kissing

    The story of two young people got in your hand and you can decide their destiny. The boy and the girl are crazy in love and they can not stop kissing each other. This kissing game develops your reflexes too. You have to help the lovers to kiss without somebody noticing it. Touch your finger on them

  • Baby Alice Farm Life Baby Alice Farm Life

    When Alice visited her Grandma at her farm, she found out that Grandma just had a little accident. Clara, cousin to Alice, has to do all farm courses by herself. Seeing that, Alice was sad and want to help Clara. Can you help them to do all farm courses and live a farm life?

  • DIY Clean Your Oven DIY Clean Your Oven

    Welcome you to the world of Harper. The parents of her are very amiable and spiritual. They would often go for pilgrimage. The family might forget their meals but not prayer. They would pray in the morning and as well as in the evening. Harper has a sibling whose name is Alice. To speak about Alice,

  • Biscuits Cooking Biscuits Cooking

    Do you like biscuits? I simply love them. Never mind for me if they are salty or sweet.Today in this great cooking game for girls we will try this awesome recipe, simply to make but very delicious.They are perfect for breakfast while you drink your cup of tea or milk.First you need to prepare the co

  • Emo Aurora Dress up Emo Aurora Dress up

    Aurora is kind, elegant, shy and sophisticated, as well as a hopeless romantic.Aurora is a supremely beautiful young woman, magically blessed with curly and wavy waist-length golden hair like sunshine, violet eyes, a tall and slender figure, and lips that shame the red rose. Here is latest dressupg

  • Ginger Hand Surgery Ginger Hand Surgery

    Oh,noo! Our friend,Talking Ginger is in trouble again. It was attacked by an angry cat and for right now she is injured. She broke her hand and she has many injuries that need medical care.In this game, you will play a role as a doctor for Talking Ginger. Do all you can to heal Ginger's hand

  • Elsa Stylish Makeover Elsa Stylish Makeover

    Girls! We are preparing to do a great makeover to our movie star Elsa. It will change her from ordinary look girl to an attracting superstar. Please choose wonderful makeup and sparkling accessories for Elsa, and make her look more fashionable!

  • Choco Cake Time Choco Cake Time

    Who is in the mood for a chocolate cake? Today we are about to make a delicious one so follow our recipe. In this game you have the option to cook it and also decorate it however you like it. This is the perfect chocolate cake: beautiful, melting, intense but not heavy. Use the best chocolate you ca

  • Peppa Pig Surgeon‏ Peppa Pig Surgeon‏

    Get your scrubs on and start operating on your newest patient in this Peppa pig surgeon game. He is really eager to have you as his doctor so make him feel better once you are done with the operation.Instructions: Use the mouse to operate.

  • Barbara Cesarian Birth Barbara Cesarian Birth

    Barbara is going to have a baby really soon! Birth of a Child is fantastic thing. But something went wrong and looks like she needs a caesarean section. Hurry up and save her and her child!

  • Pregnant Doc cleaning baby room Pregnant Doc cleaning baby room

    Help pregnant Doc McStuffins clean the baby room because is full of misery. You must move quickly because you are against the clock. Be careful at the picture from the beginning because there you can see how you must arrange all the things.

  • Zoe's Grandpa Fire Rescue Zoe's Grandpa Fire Rescue

    Oh no ! Zoe' s home is on fire, And her grandpa caught trapped in fire.Come on Saviours, Hurry up! take the grandpa in the ambulance and rush to the nearby hospital. Open up your doctor tools and give the right treatment for the grandpa. Help him to recover from the fire accident.

  • Design Your Fashion Costume Design Your Fashion Costume

    Girls, Design your dream dress and dazzle the world. Go through the catalog to select your fabric, color and design of your dream dress. Also select the most fitting hairstyle and accessories that match your style.

  • Messy Baby Anna Care Messy Baby Anna Care

    Today the mom of baby Anna is not at home. When she got up she got a call from her eldest daughter Elsa, saying that she will reach the railway station within few minutes. So, she has gone to pick her up. Anna will be all alone. If you are with her, she will feel solace and comfortable. Before you c

  • Delicious Icecream With Brownies Delicious Icecream With Brownies

    n this great cooking game we will mix two delicious components, icecream and brownies.First of all you need to prepare the icecream and keep it in cool place until brownies are ready also.This is the easiest brownie recipe for making delicious brownies easy and very quick, with rich and well-balance

  • Barbie's Wedding Party Barbie's Wedding Party

    This magic day has finally arrived: Barbie is getting married! Tomorrow the most famous doll of all times is going to say her wedding vows to the man she loves - Ken. And they will live happily ever after! Barbie still can’t believe it’s really happening: the most important moment of her life is

  • Talking Tom Face Tattoo‏ Talking Tom Face Tattoo‏

    Your client is famous in this Talking Tom face tattoo game and he would like to get his appearance changed with this funky new tattoo that will go on his face. Come up with some rad ideas for it.

  • My Pet Doctor - Puppy Care My Pet Doctor - Puppy Care

    Oh, no! It seems that this adorable little puppy is really sick! Save and adopt him right away and take your cute little pet to the doctor! Give a helping hand on treating him, than take him in the bathroom and wash the puppy with special products. In the end, give your new pet a special look by dre

  • Elsa Breast Feed Elsa Breast Feed

    Frozen Elsa and Jack Frost have finally put their baby to bed. But looks like he needs to be fed again! Help Elsa to feed the baby, heal his stomach pain and change his diaper. The frozen family will be really gretaful to you!

  • Rapunzel Cooking Chocolate‏ Rapunzel Cooking Chocolate‏

    Help your friend in this Rapunzel homemade chocolate cooking game as she would like to make a special dessert for the whole family and nothing tastes better than a few pieces of sweet chocolate.

  • Barbie Prom Nails Designer‏ Barbie Prom Nails Designer‏

    The prom is a very exciting moment in every girls life and for Barbie it's a special occasion to get dressed in glamorous outfits and get a very cute manicure. FJoin her in the Barbie Prom Nails Designer game and help her create a great selection of nail polishes and to choose the best outfit. Pick

  • Talking Angela Room Clean Up Talking Angela Room Clean Up

    Talking Angela is very particular about the way her room looks. She sees to that her room is always neat and clean. Whenever she finds free time, she cleans up the room. Today also she has found time to arrange and tidy up the room. Join her in cleaning up the room as she has lots of things to do. H

Top Games
  • Peppa Pig Farm Peppa Pig Farm

    Peppa Pig decided to move to the countryside, so he can have his own farm. He is very excited about the idea, but he doesn't know how to take care of his land and animals. Play this game and follow the directions to help Peppa Pig to have the most beautiful farm around. Enjoy!

  • Elsa Christmas Shopping Elsa Christmas Shopping

    Christmas is coming and Elsa wants to have a gorgeous Christmas tree. Help her to shop everything that she needs and decorate the Christmas tree fast ! Elsa will be very happy !

  • Elsa Ice Skating Dance Elsa Ice Skating Dance

    Elsa loves winter so much! Because there are so many fun activities. And her favorite one is ice skating. Help her to choose the best dress and hairstyle for her ice skating dance perfomace!

  • Angry Baby Run Angry Baby Run

    Be a hero to all of the kids in school. Stop the bullies from stealing all the c...

  • Rapunzel Makeover Rapunzel Makeover

    Rapunzel needs some beauty treatment to improve her skin look. You have to help her become more beautiful than she already is. Follow the instructions and use the beauty masks and lotions to make her skin soft and smooth. She will look and feel great thanks to you. Have fun!

  • Hair Salon - Brunette Diva Hair Salon - Brunette Diva

    Welcome to the hair salon, girl! Think you have all the needed skills to work in such a cool place? Time for you to prove that! Enter our cool new game and show your talents to the world. Your model is going to be a brunette diva this time and your job is to give her a fabulous new look. begin with

  • Dora and Friends Kate Dora and Friends Kate

    Dora's friend Kate is a great singer and dancer. She loves to read stories too much. You can make up and dress up Dora's friend Kate in this cool facial makeover game.

  • Cutezee Cooking Academy Gingerbread Cutezee Cooking Academy Gingerbread

    Chef CuteZee has a brand new lesson for you at the cooking academy. The second lesson is a great one and I am sure you will like it. In this second lesson you will learn how to make the most delicious and amazing gingerbread. This is a very simple, yet delicious treat and with Chef Cutezee you will

  • Sofia The First Sissing Sofia The First Sissing

    Help the cute couple in this Sofia and the prince kissing game because she really wants to get to know the prince better and you will be the one making sure they do not get spotted.Instructions: Use the mouse to make the couple kiss.

  • Sledge Decoration Sledge Decoration

    We all know that the winter is one of the greatest seasons because we have snow! In this new and awesome game you must prepare your sledge for slope. First you must put the missing boards, after that the rope. Then you must sharpen the blades and finally put what blanket you like. With your mous

  • Baby Juliet At The Dentist Baby Juliet At The Dentist

    Have you met baby Juliet? Well, she's the sweetest baby in the world, but right now she is in a lot of pain. She has her teeth decayed and she has to see a dentist immediately, because this issue might get worst, so would you like to be there for her? She needs a friend right now and she's asking yo

  • SpongeBob out of the water Hidden Objects SpongeBob out of the water Hidden Objects

    There are two levels. Find all of the hidden SpongeBob objects before time runs out to advance to the next level.

  • christmas-eve-ecoration christmas-eve-ecoration

    It is Christmas Eve tomorrow and everyone is super excited to be ready in time with all the Christmas preparations. Tom and Alice have the task to decorate their garden so they have to decorate also a big gorgeous Christmas tree. Can you give them some ideas? Show them how to decorate the tree in or

  • Baby Barbie Villains Costumes Baby Barbie Villains Costumes

    Check out baby Barbie's impressive villains costumes collection, girls! Before doing so, search her girly bedroom for a few fashion items the cute girl needs to accessorize her attires with. They are hidden all over the room and she cannot find them on her own. Spot the sunglasses, hair pins, bag, h

  • Baby Twin Crib Decro Baby Twin Crib Decro

    Jean and peter are twins. They are so cute and everyone love them so much. Now you need to decorate their cribs. Let show your creation. Enjoy!

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